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Chicago Lifestyle and Sustainability Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Chicago

As the world’s population has grown it has become increasingly concentrated
in large urban areas. The extent to which urbanization impacts the
ecosystems of these cities is an important emerging area of study. Access
to nature is vital to the physical, mental, emotional and social health of
humans and their communities.Our increasing urbanization is depriving
current and future generations of exposure to functional, productive green
space, contributing to rising crime, violence, social alienation, poverty,
hunger, and other individual and community-level dysfunctions (Kuo, 2001).
This session will examine the effects of urbanization on Chicago, an older
While it may seem strange to use the term “ecosystem” when discussing a
major city,but urban ecosystems exist around the country (PBS, 2003). An
urban ecosystem is the community of plants, animals, and humans that
inhabit the urban environment. It is an area physically dominated by man-
made structures, such as buildings, roads, sewers, and power lines.
However, it also contains a rich patchwork of green spaces ;;; parks, yards,
street plantings, greenways, urban streams, commercial landscaping, and
undeveloped lots ;;; that make up the urban ecosystem.
As separate and fragmented as these elements may appear, they collectively
make up a single organism (PBS, 2003). The urban forest is one example. It
is easy to imagine all of a city’s trees â€" whether in a park, on a street,
in an undeveloped parcel, or in a backyard â€"joined together in a citywide
system, just as they appear to be when viewed from an airplane. This urban
forest may be different than an undisturbed rural forest, but many of its
There are major differences between urban ecosystems and other ecosystems
that have been less dominated by humans (PBS, 2003). Urban ecosystems are
typically highly disturbed sy…

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