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Chicago City Essay

People living around the world know where is United States and a lot of them dreaming to live in there.United States is a powerful and a good organized country.That is why people around the world know it.U.S. is not an old country but very big.Many years ago people with different dreams were coming there and they were trying to make those dreams come true.That country has a lot of big cities which ones are nice and has the latest architecture buildings.
United States has a lot of big cities and one of them is Chicago.It is very big city in which around 2.5 million of people are living.It has a lot of huge factories and businesses.Every early morning cars, subs, and trucks are going from one place to another.Probably you can imagine how many cars are going in the Chicago city every day.That is why traffics are so bad around that territory, specially in highways every day.Of course this city has a lot of secury which helps to control and keep the city in order.
The most gorgeous area in the Chicago is the Chicago Downtown which is rich in architecture buildings businesses and parks.You could see one of the highest buildings in the world which ones are in the Chicago Downtown.A lot of rich people are living in there because houses are very expensive.It has a good transportation which is very comfortable go to work or other places around.If you are living in the Chicago Downtown practically you do not need a car because it has easier ways to get yourself where you need to.
Chicago's air pollution is very badly polluted but a lot of people trying to solve that problem by reducing factory work around big city.Government tries to open more parks and puts more money in the city cleaning companies for keeping the city as clean as possible.Of course it is always going to be more polluted than suburbs around the city.
Like and every big city Chicago has a big crime level.It is a lot of …

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