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Cheese Lab Biology Paper

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We tested the efficiency of chinos at ICC, ICC, ICC, ICC, and tested it at ICC and ICC. My hypothesis was that chinos would be most effective at ICC because that is approximately the temperature of a calls stomach and nature tends to be very efficient. Materials: 5 specific temperature water baths corresponding to the temperatures above 5 test tubes 25 ml whole milk Chinos 1 Timer S Coffee filters 1 graduated cylinder I electronic scale Procedure: Set up 5 different water baths at ICC, ICC, ICC, ICC, and ICC.

Essay Example on Cheese Lab Biology

In a group label each S test tubes with the group name, Find the mass of I coffee filter, this will be important for later. Each person will be responsible for one temperature, and measure S ml of whole milk into a test tuba Then take each test tube and place it in the appropriate water bath, and vita 3 minutes for the milk temperature to adjust. Once each test tube has adjusted, add 10 drops of chinos and start the timer. Every 5 minutes check the test tube for coagulation, and compare to the control Which has ICC drops of water rather than chinos. Record this on your data table.

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After 40 minutes, remove each test tube from the bath and filter out the cheese curds using a coffee filter. Using a scale, find the mass of the cheese curds. And remember to subtract the mass of the coffee filter. Record it in the data table and calculate the class average for each temperature. Independent variable- Temperature (co) Dependent variable. Mass of cheese formed 3 constants- Amount of milk. Amount of chinos, time interval Control- The test tube without chinos in each water bath Class data for the mass of cheese curds Group ICC Gucci ICC 95TH 2. 2 5. 3

Average The purpose of this lab was to find what temperature the enzyme chinos is most effective at forming cheese curds. According to the data, the milk with chinos at ICC formed the most cheese curds. It was similar, but most groups got a slightly higher cheese mass in the ICC milk than the ICC milk. My hypothesis was not supported because figured that ICC would be more efficient since that’s about what the temperature is in a calls stomach. This shows that nature would be slightly more efficient if the calves’ stomachs were at a slightly higher temperature.

These results were reached because generally a higher temperature helps speed up chemical reactions unless it gets too hot, and stops it. There could have been many sources of error such as varying temperatures in the water baths, slightly inaccurate measurements with the milk or chinos, or inaccurate scale measurements. Next time to make this experiment better, it could be tested many more times to improve the accuracy. Another experiment related to this could be to find how the amount of chinos added to milk at the optimum temperature Of SOC effects the formation Of cheese curds.

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