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Cheerleading and Gymnastics Essay

What is the difference between cheerleading and gymnastics if they both maintain the same skills. Cheerleaders get looked over all the time, but gymnastics don’t. Gymnastics has been a huge sport since the early nineteenth century. Even though cheerleading is not as popular as gymnastics, it still should hold a popular title like gymnastics. These sports are one in the same so why are the separated?

Some skills that are performed in gymnastics are restricted in cheerleading. A double back is a skill that can be performed in gymnastics but not in cheerleading. Double backs are not permitted in cheerleading competitions because cheerleaders are not on the same level of flipping as a gymnast. Gymnastics, on the other hand, has a higher level of tumbling skills. Gymnastics compete in four different categories. There is tumbling, floor routine, and the balances beams. Take the vault, for example; gymnastics are required to perform skills off a spring board and over the vault. They must learn to compete in all four events to successfully complete gymnastics. Cheerleading has no specific categories that they must compete in. All skills are put into one routine. This routine consists of dance, a chant, a flip series, a stunt, and sometimes may include a pyramid. This routine lasts at least four minutes and is then scored by judges. The performance must be neat, sharp, and clean to wow judges.

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When one cheerleading team competes against another, it is called competition. The choreography has a combination of jumps, cheers, tumbling, and stunts all in one routine. This performance is then criticized by a group of judges, on the team’s skills, and performance. The highest number of points that a team can receive is 57.5 points. Getting this score means that the team has shown judges a perfect performance. Competition in gymnastics is a little different. Gymnast competes in four different events, but they are scored individually. A total am…

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