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Cheerleaders: A Jump Above the Rest Essay

To be a cheerleader means you are going to be dedicated and diligent to the sport many do not take seriously.People tend to think cheerleaders hold one job but that is not true they hole different discourses.People have different views of cheerleaders, but no one really knows a cheerleader like a cheerleader. As a cheerleader, of course, there is one ultimate goal, and that is to cheer, encourage and entertain the crowd and or team members.

To become a Wildcat Cheerleader, there are just a few things you will need to know in order to tryout for our team!Just like at many other schools here at Wiley College there are certain standards one has to obtain in order to be let into tryouts.First you have to demonstrate two jumps, one being a toe touch and the other being any jump of your chose!Tryouts are three days long Thursday, Friday and Saturday you do not have to be in attendance to all three in order to make the team but we do keep track of attendance.The dress code is black shorts and a white shirt; you will be marked down for failure to adhere by the dress code.While all these requirements are important there is one very important one.You must submit a cheer application, no exceptions!Failure to turn in your application means you cannot try out for the team unless your application is submitted.If you cannot make the tryout dates email either the advisor or coach and we can set up a video audition.Please do not waste my time or yours.Excited to see all the people ready to join Cheer Kappa!

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Becoming a Wiley College Cheerleader is more than just wearing a cute uniform and cheering for your friends it is deeper than that!Becoming a Wiley College Cheerleader means you think you have what it takes to become apart of Cheer Kappa!Many of the rules and regulations listed in the contract have many of the girls and boys “shaking in their boots” because they have come to realizations that cheer here at Wiley Col…

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