Comprehension Essay

Find something extraordinary to pull the audience in – Avoid info overload – Do not over word your slide, eliminate interesting but irrelevant words – Practice delivery – Practice and concentrate on your delivery including your body language- Forget comedy – Keep attention with interesting material not Jokes – Pick powerful props – Use a simple prop to deliver a powerful point- Minimize you – Don’t speak of self but rather how the audience can improve- Speak the language –

K. I. S. S Keep it simple stupid – Simple slides – Don’t rely on pictures on a slide show but rather cash in on them for key points My reading speed was around 200 words per minute.

I approached the material as I usually do I did a quick read over the material then returned to it for review when needed for answering questions. I was setting alone on a couch with my lap- top on a coffee table. I worked late so there was an excessive amount of coffee involved and the rest of the household was in bed.

Comprehension Essay

While reading I shut off my Pod and with everyone sleeping there was no other distractions to worry about. I felt like I was emotionally involved but being that would not normally be excited reading this type of material I am chalking my excitement up to too much caffeine. I read this material for understanding as well as for practical application. I found the text easy to understand and did not have to look up any new vocabulary terms.

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