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Charles I (history) and the english civil war Essay

Essay Topic:

Why did civil War break out in England in 1642?
A civil war is a conflict fought between inhabitants of the same country. In this case the two sides that fought against each other in England were the King's side and Parliament's side.
The main reasons for going to war were part of three or possibly four topics; they were Money, Religion, Power, and…Personality. Historians argue that there were problems in the country, which were important and that they made war more likely but the disagreements are about which reason is the most significant for having a civil war break out. Who was more to blame the bad king or the highly demanding parliament?
1625 – Charles I becomes king on
1629 – Charles starts Eleven Years'
1639 – War starts in Scotland over
1640 – Meeting of the Short and
1642 – King tries to arrest leading
1646 – Victory at Naseby ensures
1649 – Execution of Charles I, the
1660 – Charles II is returned to the
There were many problems about religion; not only in England & Wales, but also in Scotland and Ireland + Europe. One assertion that may be made is that perhaps Charles I wanted to be a Catholic and he wanted to make the country and Church of England have Catholic practices. Evidence that can back the assertion is that Charles was happily married to his wife Henrietta Maria, a French-Catholic princess, whom had her own chapel and priest. Charles made a new prayer book, which in fact was completely rejected by the Scots and puritans in England. The prayer book had services that were near-Catholic. The changes that Charles and Archbishop Laud wanted to make, and/or the things they wanted to keep were like the Catholics' style. In Engla

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