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Charlene Spretnak: The Resurgence of the real, Body, Nature Essay

"The Resurgence of the real, Body, Nature", is a critique that explains a wide
view of modern society, evidently in Charlene Spretnak's essay. Spretnak is extremely bothered and apposed at how the world has gone forth with its expansions on areas such as globalization, politics, economics and education. Spretnak brings forth a theory for our society based upon a hero, which helps redeem civilization. Charlene Spretnak's thesis is somewhat visible and brought
forth in this small quotation from her essay. "Ways in which the Promethean
assumptions of modernity … are causing detrimental transformations of
economics, governance and education… new conditions in each of these spheres are
related to the even larger transformation in which they are embedded;
globalization."The quotation above proves and points out the four subject
matters that Spretnak expresses in her essay "The Resurgence of the real, Body,
Nature". The quotation also proves and helps to understand her position in the
essay, which will help me prove Spretnak's points as well as my own.
Charlene Spretnak argues and focuses on the economic growth in a society that
relates heavily on domestic products and gross income.For an economy to be
successful there must always be constant growth and expansion. This type of
society expansion and economic expansion is based upon exporting and
globalization. The population that believes in this view benefits from a free
market and will later become successful. Some people are for it and some against
it.The arguments that support globalization usually benefit the top business
people in the world.The arguments against globalization mainly represent the
poor people of the world.Most people do not even know what globalization is.
The main effect of it is that big corporations seem to be getting bigger and the
small corporations are closing dow…

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