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The epigraph to Mister Pip ‘characters migrate’ relates to both the protagonist Pip in Great Expectations and Mantilla In Mister PIP. Throughout both novels these characters migrate physically from place to place, which Initiates a cognitive migration in their values and attitudes. This migration presents the themes of family, honesty, hard work, imagination and religion to the reader. At the start of Great Expectations Pip is a simple country boy of seven years, content with his status and future who knows no way of life other than his own.

This changes hen PIP vaults Sati House for the first time and meets Estella who snubs him because of his working class ways. This physical migration to Sati House causes PIP to undergo a cognitive migration. When he returns home that day he thinks: “I wished Joe had been more genteelly brought up and then I should have been too. ” Pip now longs to have a higher status and to be a gentleman.

These first migrations position the reader to endorse the value of self-improvement and wish, along with Pip, for him to become a gentleman and win Estella. Eventually Pip’s wishes come true when he least expects it. My dream was out, my lid fancy was surpassed by a sober reality’. With his migration to London imminent Pip begins another cognitive migration, becoming proud, arrogant and condescending, even towards Joe and Biddy. Before leaving for London he says to Biddy “Joe is a good dear fellow-but he is rather backward in some things, for instance Biddy, In his learning and his manners.

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” Here Pip acts superior and judgmental of Joe, someone who he used to admire and emulate. This signals the migration of his values, from the ones Joe brought him up with, family, honesty and hard work, to the values of pride arrogance and status.

Pip’s physical migration to London to begin his career as a gentleman further develops his arrogance and he also becomes very extravagant and materialistic. “l soon contracted expensive habits and began to spend an amount of money that within a few short months I should have thought almost fabulous. ” During this stage in Pip’s migration we are positioned to reject the values of materialism, arrogance and extravagance through the older Pip’s narration, which condemns his excessive spending, and his treatment and attitude towards Joe.

When PIP’s mysterious benefactor Is revealed to be the convict Magnetic, Pip Is militate that his fortune came from someone so far beneath him and wants nothing to do with his patron. “The abhorrence in which I held the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast. ” Pip’s judgment of Magnetic reflects his values at this point: status, appearance and materialism. Pip doesn’t recognize all the good qualities in Magnetic and the sacrifices he has made for him.

It Is only a serves AT untenanted events Ana Pensacola amalgamations Tanat launch PIP’s an cognitive migration. This includes his heartbreak, when Estella decides to marry Bentley Drummed and all the expectations, hope and dreams he has cherished since childhood are destroyed. This rejection makes him begin to realism that despite attaining wealth and class, he has not attained Estella and that his social improvement is unrelated to his real worth. When Pip visits Miss Having and she offers him money, Pip refuses it and instead insists the money to go to Herbert.

This event shows that, at heart Pip is beginning to place kindness before his other unrealistic values. Following Pip and Mastitis’s failed escape, Magnetic is sent to Jail. Pip visits him every day, holds his hand during the trial, and sits with him until his death. “For now my repugnance to him had all melted away and in the hunted, wounded, shackled creature who held my hand in his, I saw only a man who had felt affectionately, gratefully and generously toward me with great constancy through a series of years. Pip’s behavior during these times shows his new feelings towards Magnetic, who he has now recognized as his second father. Pip no longer cares about social class; he only sees how good Magnetic has been to him and realizes from this how bad he has been to Joe. His morals have migrated and he knows that love and loyalty are more important than class and wealth. In the last chapters of the book the themes of family, honesty, hard work and self-improvement are emphasized by his migration to Cairo, where he makes a life for himself through hard work and finally his reunion with Joe and Biddy.

At the opening of Mister Pip Mantilla is an innocent thirteen-year-old and, like Pip she is content with her simple island life. When the blockade is imposed, the school reopens with Mr. Watts as the teacher and Mantilla makes her first physical migration, to school. Mantilla going to school is the major event that begins all her cognitive migrations. At school Mr. Watts introduces the children to Mr. Dickens and reads them Great Expectations, the story that immediately enthrall Mantilla. “Mr. Watts had given us kids another world to spend the night in.

We could escape to another place. It didn’t matter that it was Victorian England. We found we could Just as easily get there. ” Pip becomes a friend for Mantilla and the world of the book offers an escape from her difficult life during the war. Gradually, the world of Great Expectations begins to feel more relevant to Mantilla Han the island traditions, family trees and Christian beliefs her mother drums into her. This is her cognitive migration, when her attitudes and values begin to be taken from the characters and situations of Great Expectations.

Through Pip, Mantilla gains new outlooks on her own circumstances: “Now that I had met Miss Having and knew more about her unhappy past, I had changed my mind about my mum being like Pip’s sister. She had more in common with Miss Having- Miss Having who cannot move on from the day of her greatest disappointment. ” This shows that Mantilla has been able to understand her mother’s feelings a little better through Great Expectations. As ten novel continues Mahatma Deigns to emulate away Trot near mother Ana near mother’s views similar to when Pip migrates away from Joe and his values. L knew that orphaned white kid and that small, fragile place he squeezed into between his awful sister and lovable Joe Gagger because the same space came to exist between Mr. Watts and my mum. And I knew I would have to choose between the two. ” Mantilla knows she will have to choose which values she will adopt in her own life: her mother’s or Mr. Watts’. In this way Mister Pip is different to Great Expectations as it presents the themes of religion and imagination through Mantilla’s role models rather than honesty, hard work and family.

Eventually after Mantilla has migrated to Australia, New Zealand and England and reached adulthood, you can see that she has chosen features of both her mother and Mr. Watts’ values Oust as Mr. and Mrs. Watts decorated their daughter’s spare room with aspects of both cultures in order for her to choose for herself) and forged her own identity in her final cognitive migration. Therefore at the end of Mister Pip, the reader is positioned to endorse the homes of religion and imagination as they are both presented in a positive light, and Mantilla demonstrates that they can coexist.

In both novels the protagonists go through many physical and mental migrations. Both begin in a place where they are satisfied, before they are given a taste of another world, which initiates their cognitive migrations until they reach mental and physical contentment. These characters’ migrations present the themes of family, honesty, hard work, imagination and religion to the reader, as these are the values the characters finally value and adopt for themselves.

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