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What are the methods of characterization?
methods of characterization are the techniques a writer uses to develop a character.Characters are developed through their words,as well as by what the writer states directly and what other characters say about the character.

What is a dynamic character?
A dynamic character is one who goes through a change during the course of the text.

What is a flat character?
a flat character is one that is not fully developed,one that is defined by singular qualities.Flat characters tend to be stereotypes.

What is a foil?
A foil is a character who serves as a contrast to another character.Madame Defarge is a foil for Lucy in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

What is a round character?
A round character is fully developed,multifaceted character that exhibits the complexity of a real person.

What is a static character?
A static character is a character that says the same during the course of a literary text.

What is a stock character?
A stock character is a type of flat character that embodies stereotypical qualities and becomes a type rather than a real person.Although these characters are sometimes caricatures or stereotypes,they may also be characters that are dynamic archetypes,such as the ” hooker with the heart of gold.”

What is a tragic flaw?
A tragic flaw is the protagonist’s shortcoming that brings about his or her downfall.The most common tragic flaw is hubris, but many critics consider Hamlet’s tragic flaw to be procrastination, and others claim Othello’s tragic flaw is either his insecurity or his jealousy.

What is an antihero of a literary text?
An antihero is a protagonist who does not exhibit the traditional, heroic qualities usually associated with the main character.An antihero may be dishonest or just plain ordinary.Willy Loman (Death of a Salesman) and Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment) can be considered antiheroes.


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