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Character Evaluation Paper Essay

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Young Hannibal had not only witnessed both parent’s death, but also the murder and cannibalism of his younger sister, “Mishmash” by Russian looters. He Is later rescued and turned over to an orphanage, to which he later ran away from. When he grew up he attended medical school and this Is where he plotted out revenge against those responsible for his little sister’s murder. Believe that four out of the five personality traits could apply to Hannibal Elector In one way or another; openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, and agreeableness.

The way the character methodically planned each crime shows hat he thought each step out carefully and was well prepared for anything that might come along. For example, in the film “Hannibal Rising” (2007), the way that he carefully planned the tortures and murders of each individual that was involved in his sister’s death shows that he paid careful attention to each detail. This kind of planning would take time and patience. I believe Openness to Experience would be one of his traits for the fact that the character did have a very vivid imagination, which showed In the way he committed his crimes.

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Hannibal Elector enjoyed fine arts and appreciated beautiful things, for example in the film “Silence of the Lambs” (19911 while he was in the mental hospital, he has many sketches and drawings in his cell, as well as being a curator for a library in Florence, Italy. I also believe him to be intellectually curious and enjoyed new experiences. I think he tended to be more on the low side of the Agreeableness trait. There was no compassion or sympathy towards another human being in any of the films, nor was there any remorse for those that he had murdered and eaten. There always seemed to be nothing but coldness in his eyes.

You might even say he kook pleasure in torturing another person by the way he looked before and after, his expression never changed. He showed no concern for any other human being other than himself and “Clare,” the FBI agent In Silence of the Lambs (2007). I would say that Hannibal Elector was more of an Introvert that anything. The one thing he did not Like to do In draw attention to himself, probably for the reason that he was wanted. He did not start out an introvert, in the film “Hannibal” (2001) he cooked gourmet meals (people) Ana seemed to enjoy tomorrow Loner parties Ana ten opera, o he was not a complete introvert.

He did have a way of making a person feel at ease so that he could gain their trust; he was soft spoken, almost hypnotize in a way. Out of all five traits, Neurotics sees fitting to the character at all. He always seems to be cool and calm, never seemed to be depressed, even when he was locked up and being tormented by the psychiatrist. He seemed to bury all the anger from his past, but I believe that the deep hatred he had for some is what motivated him and kept him going. Hannibal Elector was a character that was driven by hatred, but did not show it.

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