Character Analysis Using Theory Of Personality Development Social Work

In the analysis of the star character Rachel in the 1968 film ‘Rachel Rachel ‘ by Paul Newman, I have used the Theory of Personality Development by Freud Sigmund ( 1856-1939 ) . Sigmund developed this theory about depth psychology from his plants on patients with mental jobs several old ages back. In this theory, Freud Sigmund believed that allthe domains ofsomeone’spersonality were in one manner or another determined by the sex of the individual and aggression.Sigmund believed that other factors that shapedsomeone ‘s character besides developed during this period of personality development which in entirety determined the grownups ‘ personality and how good they relate with the universe.

Harmonizing to Freud Sigmund the three elements that make the personality are the Id, the self-importance and the superego.

The ID is the portion we are born with and is the portion of us that wants us to be comfy. For case kids will shout when they are hungry until they are fed in complete neglect of whether there is nutrient or non or even whether the individual go toing to them is busy or non.

As we have observed around us, a kid will ever shout until what they want is done for them or given to them.

The Ego is believed to develop in kids from three old ages of age onwards. This portion enables one to recognize the worlds of life. At this phase of development a kid can really clearly understand the effects of their actions. For case they can understand that some graceless actions can do them to be punished or rewarded.

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Main Body: Analysis

The Superego is the portion that develops by the clip a kid reaches five old ages. Once the superego develops the rhythm of personal development is completed and one attains a balanced personality. The superego is besides known as the scruples because it helps us separate between incorrect and right actions and it besides defines for us the moralss and ethical motives by which we live.

The film ‘Rachel Rachel ‘ based on the fresh ‘Jest of God ‘ by Margaret Laurence is about a 35-year-old school teacher Rachel Cameron who is single and is portrayed in the film as feeling terrible that she has wasted her life. The Interprofessional instruction would besides enable me to affect all the necessary stakeholders in instances of exigency so as to restrict struggles and guarantee the bringing of quality wellness and societal attention. For case, in instance I will be faced with a similar state of affairs as the bibulous patient instance, I would be able to reassure the patient and guarantee that they have plentifulness of drip H2O added to their organic structure, while guaranting that before I take any stairss, I consult with other grownup nurses and physicians.

In add-on, I would recommend for joint multi-disciplinary preparation so as to guarantee increased harmoniousness among the IP group members at the work topographic point. Furthermore, I would besides guarantee that there is a clearly distinguishable function defined for each IP squad member so that each member contributes to the state of affairs at manus. The function of effectual communicating would be cardinal to the success of my calling as an grownup nurse. This is because ; the service user and the nurses every bit good as the physicians would necessitate cognizing the advancement of the patient as he is being treated. In the above instance, after handling the patient, he will be moved to the recovery ward where he will be attended to by other nurses and wellness attention givers. These wellness attention givers will necessitate cognizing the advancement study of the patient, which I would guarantee that they have in good clip. As an grownup nurse, the value of communicating is unmeasurable

The star character Rachel lives with her female parent in an flat that was one time owned by her late male parent in New England. It is clip for the summer vacations and Rachel is non excited like the other instructors about the holiday as she figures it will merely be another vacation when she will be bored and she will hold to set up with her demanding female parent in the house.

In the film, another character Calla Mackie who happens to be Rachel ‘s best friend, a sapphic and a fellow teacherpersuades and invites Rachel to go to a spiritual meeting with her. Rachel is convinced into go toing the meeting and while there she is touched by the discourse delivered by the invitee sermonizer who is a immature adult male.

This incidence marks the beginning of a series of several other events which will convert Rachel to acquire out of the cocoon she was concealing in and populate in the existent universe where she can freely show her emotions and desires. Calla besides experiencing touched by the discourse confesses her feelings for her best friend but she is turned down by Rachel who does non hold sapphic inclinations.

After the spiritual meeting and Rachel feeling that she can show her emotions and love to those she cares about she gets involved in a short lived sexual relationship with their old household friend Nick Kazlik who was back in town to see his folks. Rachel so has her foremost sexual relationship with Nick ; she falls in lovewith him and starts thought of a hereafter with Nickmistaking the lecherousness they have for one another for love. Nick on the other manus on noticing that Rachel is handling their relationship more earnestly than it ought to be treated ends the crack because to him it was merely a insouciant matter.

Shortly after Rachel suspects that she might hold fallen pregnant and this truly makes her happy as she imagines holding a babe of her own.Rachel hence plans to relocate elsewhere to a topographic point where she can raise her kid now that her relationship with Nick is ephemeral. Her best friend Calla lily helps her get another learning occupation in Oregon but Rachel shortly finds out that she is non pregnant but has a benign cyst. A surgery is organized and after holding the cyst removed Rachel still decides to travel off with her female parent to Oregon and even though she is experiencing entirely and empty because of the loss of the adult male she loved and her supposed babe, she has a strong will to go on with her life.

Rachel ‘s Experience

‘Rachel Rachel ‘ is a really moving love affair, authoritative and play themed film that shows the solitariness and being of some ladies in existent life where person does non acquire what they have ever wanted or where life seems so unjust to person. The job could be in our personalities where we have internal conflicts within us over what we want and what society or everyone else will state about us.

There were several political orientations that the pupils discussed in low tones associating to the behaviour of these pupils. However, this was merely qualified by the fact that the medical profession pupils liked discoursing their equals ‘ behavior and professional moralss. In this book, I learnt that Rachel had issues with other pupil ‘s behavior which often extended to the remainder of the other equals both at school and at place. I concurred with critics that she frequently exhibited this tendency. The remainder of the squad members agreed that the clip bound of working in groups could non be construed to intend that medical pupils were frequently excessively permeant. The scene of the group work was more controlled, therefore restricting the consequences of the findings. It was agreed within my group that the existent image could be depicted in the work topographic point though with limited fluctuations. This was the instance with the attitude of the medical pupils towards other medical pupils every bit good as the other pupils in general. The multi-disciplinary squad meeting gave me penetrations and equal experience in relation to the sort of communicating among different professional squad members. They were invariably measuring her work which sounded sort of uneasy for Rachel.

Striking a balance

In emotionally sound individuals, the self-importance usually comes out as the strongest component of personality taking attention of both the Id and the superego. When these three elements are balanced person is able to last and be good without taking undue advantage of others.

Unfortunately non all of us can hold the self-importance coming out stronger than our Ids and superegos. For some the Id is stronger and such a individual will be egoistic and concerned merely with their well-being and if the superego besides happens to be stronger such a individual can be excessively difficult on themselves, have judgmental inclinations and associating with others would be highly hard for them.

Like mentioned earlier the three elements are driven by sex and aggression. Sexual activity which Freud calls the Eros stands for our desire to reproduce and populate. Aggression on the other manus represents our demand to get more wealth and protect our lives.

Harmonizing to Freud’stheory, our self-importance therefore has so many undertakings. It is charged with the responsibility of look intoing that everything is balanced, it deals with life ‘s challenges and ensures that our actions do non ache those we care about and all this is done by using self-importance defence mechanisms like:

Denial- where we pretend that a job does non be.

Suppression- where we consciously block out some ideas from our heads particularly ideas that can ache our feelings.

Regression- where we can travel back to determinations we had made earlier on.

Rationalization- where we come up with logical accounts to jobs or hard state of affairss alternatively of acknowledging the truth.

Projection- where we put behaviours that are unpleasing on other people.

Consequently, after looking at the plot line of the film briefly and holding explained the theory of Personality Development of the mind by Freud Sigmund, we can state that Rachel the lead character in the film had a personality job. This is apparent in several ways:

First at 35 old ages of age, Rachel was still a individual adult female ne’er married before and still a virgin. This shows that Rachel ‘s self-importance could likely be weaker than the other two elements of her personality because in Freud ‘s account at that place reaches a point in life when every human being of generative age would wish to reproduce and hold progeny of their ain. And that is why when Rachel suspects that she is pregnant and her abdomen starts swelling she is so aroused. Even though she could hold ended up being a individual female parent she does non look bothered at all. All that seemed to pre occupy her head was the fact that she would hold her ain babe eventually.

This shows that Rachel ‘s ace self-importance couldbe much stronger than her self-importance and her Id and that is why she was a virgin boulder clay tardily into her life.

Second, Rachel looks like she has a personality development job because she had non known who she was or what she wanted in her life before she and her friend Calla lily attended the campaign. It is while at the campaign that Rachel decides to hold a free spirit.

Rachel looks like she was concealing in some shell and it was the immature sermonizer who helped her acquire out of it after which she had a sexual relationship with Nick.

In this instance we conclude that it is Rachel ‘s superego which was dominant one time once more because her ethical motives were likely excessively edgy that she could non hold sex before matrimony. I besides learnt that grownup nurses should larn to understate their differences for the common good of their patients. I besides learnt that the power and authorization held by pupils in their yesteryear affected the IP coaction. Critics later felt beaten at it. However, this has changed owing to the modern reorganisation of the health care bringing. I learnt that other squad members have now been given a opportunity to take lead functions in the bringing of quality wellness and societal attention. This sort of deputation was necessary due to the busy agenda of the physicians. This had to be communicated efficaciously within the Interprofessional squads. Nurses have been empowered and can now play a critical function which was traditionally reserved for lead physicians in the wellness attention centres. IP working has hence made nurses more powerful and important therefore supplying them with fervent experience to foster their callings.

Rachel besides does non look to bask her life. Schools have closed and people are happy to be traveling on holiday but Rachel on the other manus is merely at that place non excited about the vacations like everyone else. Rachel was more of an outgoing sort of individual than any other character in the film. In fact, the film depicts Rachel as aggressive young girl who non merely care about her ain personal businesss and her province of being but besides the province of others. It is so shocking to larn that she attempts to mend the bad relationship that others have been fostering all this piece. It should be remembered that Rachel ‘s earlier background is one to think. I acknowledge the fact that working together as a squad is built-in to the success of my calling. There are many times when I will hold to confer with assorted wellness and societal attention practicians to efficaciously handle or cover with complications that may originate during intervention. Likewise, such professional squad members may necessitate my aid in covering with societal, physical and mental wellness jobs. I besides appreciate the fact that effectual communicating within the IP squads is cardinal since no professional staff within the wellness and societal attention can work in isolation. Professional wellness and societal squad members should go to the same preparation session so as to better their IP squad coaction. Her character is largely confused to be that of a individual who is really rigorous and austere with all facets of her life. This so helps to light on the sort of character that we expect her to hold.

The issue once more could be that her superego dominates over the other elements of her personality so much that Rachel is edgy and her scruples can non let her to indulge in activities that are fun even during holiday.

Rachel does non look to do determinations or to be in entire control of her life. When she gets invited by Calla to go to a resurgence meeting Rachel goes merely to delight her best friend non that she truly cared what was traveling to go on at the meeting. Fortunately for Rachel, it is a clip she gets to detect herself and get down making things that other normal grownups do without experiencing guilty about anything. She even gets to fall in love for person something she had ne’er done all her full life.

The best thing is that the film ends when Rachel seems like she is get downing to hold a clasp of her life and that her ain life is get downing to convey significance to her and excite her every bit good. Hopefully she found the love of her life where they relocated to.

In the film ‘Rachel Rachel ‘ , several people are fighting with personality issues. The theory by Freud has helped us to analyze an person ‘s character and to be able to pull a decision refering the degree of development of the Id, self-importance and superego.

My Experience

During my internship at the general ward as a practicing nurse to be, I was able to see teamwork struggles. This experience played good during the conference, therefore enabling me to larn more from a practical attack. I was besides able to portion my experience with the other IP squad members. I besides learnt of import facets of IP communicating and working that are built-in to the success of IP coaction. These include, non utilizing slangs, listening whenever other squad members are speaking, oppugning premises sanely, advancing the rights and self-respect of IP squad members. There are certain footings that adult nurses will utilize which cause confusion and ambiguity, therefore doing others who assume the significance of slangs to error.

On the other manus, I would besides larn to decide ethical issues within my IP squad. Certain ethical issues are bound to impact the IP coaction within my working squads. I would hence esteem other IP squad member ‘s ethical standing and attack any indifference with a voice of ground in a command to drive sense into the squad member ‘s apprehension. Indeed, most of the squad members agreed to the fact that favoritism was so a shared concern.

During my internship, I watched a patient walk in with his girlfriend. It was apparent that from the start, the physician on call could non give effectual way and as if this was non plenty, the physician could non take a leading function and advice the girlfriend to quiet down. I believe as a hereafter grownup nurse, I would hold tackled this state of affairs with more humor. My first measure would hold been to take control of the state of affairs and give the patient options with the benefits of each. This would hold given more insight to the girlfriend and cut down the struggle.

I would besides originate active communicating with the remainder of the grownup nurses for audience in privateness. Interprofessional instruction would hold enabled me to efficaciously originate communicating with my squad members, therefore taking control of the state of affairs in good clip. As an grownup nurse, every patient ‘s status is of import since my nucleus value is to continue life.

I have besides learnt the effectivity of working in partnership with the patients through hearing and reacting to their concerns. I have besides learnt that it would be of import to confer with with the patients sing their intervention and attention before get downing such. While reflecting this experience, I shall work closely with my squad members as an grownup nurse and invariably pass on with the relevant governments and IP squad members for quality wellness and societal attention bringing.

I truly acknowledge that I would necessitate a compendious apprehension of teamwork and modern attacks towards wellness and societal solutions. As a hereafter grownup nurse, I will ever guarantee that I initiate effectual communicating with the remainder of my IP squad members so as to work together for the common good of the patients. The experience that I learnt was so utile as it would enable me to efficaciously go a successful grownup nurse who would stand out from the remainder. The person-centred attack was peculiarly imperative in guaranting that I am able to understand the generation of multi-disciplinary teamwork.

I so acknowledge that issues associating to patient attention should be approached with interprofessional teamwork so that each medical practician offers advice in his or her country of professional cognition while guaranting that they work as a squad.

My experience at the multi-disciplinary conference would enable me to go a successful grownup nurse who values teamwork and professional coaction. This conference has besides enabled me to hold a clear image of what medical professionals go through and what can be done to debar such challenges. I now feel adequately capable of tacking these challenges that my calling as an grownup nurse will supply. I have besides learnt to take into history the positions of other people when doing of import determinations. Indeed issues of race, gender, category and gender among others should non impact multi-disciplinary teamwork. Cultural and societal differences should non be construed as effectual barriers to IP teamwork. As a hereafter grownup nurse, the conference was a brainstorming session which expanded my experience.

I was besides able to larn that certain general footings used by patients to mention to their unwellness may so do great confusion among professional wellness and societal attention practicians. These are referred to as stereotypes. In such a state of affairs, the wellness and societal professional practician should confer with the other members of his or her IP group or squad so as to come up with the proper reading therefore limit mistakes in the intervention of the patient ‘s status. Synergy theoretical account of nursing supports this statement and calls for more audience in the intervention of the patient.

The group treatment on IP instruction enabled me to visualise the world between theory and pattern. The patient-centred position was clearly illuminated by the patient ‘s voice presentation. The exclusion of IP working has been seen in collaborative intervention. Decisions made by single inexperient physicians have been tragic. The instance of Victoria Climbie and Baby Peter can outdo illuminate this when Baby Tiffany passed on due to negligence. Findingss from this tragic state of affairs enabled physicians and nurses to set up a model that saw the bar of such state of affairss. It was agreed that IP squads would non be able to forestall the happening of every tragic incidence. Some would so be inevitable. Hence, I was able to larn the value of communicating and coaction in the physique up to my calling as an grownup nurse.

Calla lily besides seems to be fighting with her gender. She is a sapphic but before the Christian resurgence she can non squeal her feelings to Rachel because of the society ‘s positions on the topic but after the meeting everyone is experiencing like they can open up and that is when she openly tells Rachel of her feelings even though she is turned down.


In decision, we can state that the three elements that make up person ‘s personality are really important in modeling the character of person and greatly act upon what person turns into when they are grownups. We should hence endeavor to assist the Id, self-importance and superego to turn good and the self-importance particularly should be nurtured to excel the other two in laterality, because as research has shown for a sound believing grownup, the self-importance should rule. Equally much as this may non be achieved in all people, those who hang around kids should actuate them so that they do non hold jobs in maturity in individuality or of self-esteem like was the instance of Rachel and Calla. Rachel ‘s super-ego is something to think with though at times she seems to be non confident plenty to undertake the state of affairs at manus. She stands out as a she-wolf, ever prehending any chance that comes her manner.

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