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William Munny goals at the beginning of the film where very defined. The story first starts off with a prologue scrolling across the screen and a silhouette figure of William Munny burying his wife. The text tells us of a less then perfect man and husband; William Munny. A drunk, an outlaw, and a vengeful killer, who has now reformed his ways to take care of his children and to up hold the vows to his wife; to stay sober. As the protagonist in the film, Will Munny was living his somber life fulfilling the dream left to his wife on his less then productive pig farm.

As the film progressed, Will is torn between the vows of his deceased wife and his inner demons. William finds that in order fulfill his goals to take care of his family, he would have to break his vows to his wife. Leading him to accept the opportunity set forth by The Schofield Kid.

The main drive in Will Munny decision was pure money, that is also set forth in his character name. The pure financial gain (simple fix) rather then morals moves him to this decision.

The common character traits share between Will Munny, Ned Logan, The Schofield Kid, and Little Bill Daggett is that at one point in their lives they were or trying to be outlaws, to make a name for themselves and make a buck or two. Will Munny traits were defined as his devotion to his wife and the love for his family.

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Just as his name states it; he had a will for money, which in turn was the root of all his evil. Ned Logan and his Spencer rifle; most noted for use in military wars. Ned kept his “Spencer” right above the door way in his home and seemed to cherish it and when he offers his Spencer rifle to Munny as “he won’t be using it anymore,” is the real turning point for Ned, that this is not the life he intended to lead. The Schofield Kid traits where that he could not see very far, he had limited skills but had an eagerness and a will to learn. His role in the movie was that of a past Will Munny. Finally, Little Bill whose name again is a reference to the term of money. Little Bill’s job as the town sheriff is the depiction of fairness in the town who’s more interested in protecting the financial interests of Skinny the pimp than in effecting justice for the prostitutes. He is a man that portrays violence, intelligence, and is the depiction of fairness in Little Whiskey but yet the most truthful character in the film by exposing the “Duke of Death” as a false statement.

The movie Unforgiven is very Classical Hollywood Cinema in an essence that the story centers on the personal inner causes: the commitment that Will Munny made to his beloved wife, choice of leaving his children and abolishing the vows of his wife collectively procuring the bounty and the traits of a vengeful and almost indiscriminate murderer. The title itself hold a symbolic meaning in the movie one could question the forgiveness of Will Munny; was he seeking forgiveness or already obtained forgiveness.

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