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Chapter Titles of How To Read Literature Like a Professor Paper

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Chapter one
Every trip is a quest (except when it’s not)

Chapter two
Nice to eat with you: acts of comminion

Chapter three
Nice to eat you: acts of vampires

Chapter four
Now, where have I seen her before?

Chapter five
When in doubt, it’s from Shakespeare…

Chapter six
…or the bible

Chapter seven
Hanseldee and Greteldum

Chapter eight
It’s Greek to me

Chapter nine
It’s more than just rain or sniw

Chapter ten
Never stand next to the hero

Interlude #1
Does he mean that?

Chapter 11
…more than it’s gonna hurt you: concerning violence

Chapter 12
Is that a symbol?

Chapter 13
It’s all political

Chapter 14
Yes, she’s a Christ figure, too

Chapter 15
Flights of fancy

Chapter 16
It’s all about sex…

Chapter 17
…except sex

Chapter 18
If she comes up, it’s baptism

Chapter 19
Geography matters…

Chapter 20
…so does season

Interlude #2
One story

Chapter 21
Marked for greatness

Chapter 22
He’s blind for a reason, you know

Chapter 23
It’s never just a heart disease… And rarely just illness

Chapter 24
Don’t read with your eyes

Chapter 25
It’s my symbol and I’ll cry if I want to

Chapter 26
Is he serious? And other ironies

Chapter 27
A test case

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