Chapter 4 & 5- Music Appreciation

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if each word is set to a seprate note, a musical line is

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is one syllable spread over several notes in a melody line

the texts for secular music is the middle ages were written in the style

Gregorian Chant
was developed in the middle ages, is was always sing in latin and is monophonic

Hildegard of Bingen
was an abbess, a composer and an author

Guillaume de Machaut
was a french composer who wrote the first complete polyphonic setting of ordinary of the mass

Beatriz of Dia
was a troubadour and a noblewoman

Renaissance man
is a term used to indicate someone who is well educated in many areas =

Printing Press
education and literacy became more widespread during the renaissance in part due to the invention of this

is a composer credited with returning church music to the simplicity of earlier times

council of trent
investigated every aspect of religious discipline, including church music

A cappella
is the term that refers to music sung without accompaniment

is the reaction by the Catholic Church to the spread of protestantism

is an Italian renaissance secular musical genre with sentimental or erotic poetry

is a french secular song

is a german secular song

Word Painting
is a technique in music written to represent the literal meaning of the text