The Romantic concept of imagination is that it refers to the synthetic action of the mind.

The Victorian Age is characterized by variety in thoughts and lifestyles.

The franchise remained an exclusive privilege of the aristocrats until 1867.

The Victorian whose poetry is characterized by ambivalence is

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnet 43” primarily expresses

Wordsworth and Coleridge
Which poets made up the first generation of Romantics?

“In Memoriam” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
This poet was famous for an elegy written for his best friend, Arthur Hallam.

What was the poem called and who was the poet?

describes the child as more beautiful than flowers
Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “A Child Asleep” _____.

the poet’s dream visions
Coleridge’s “Kubla Kahn” was based on _____.

R. Browning
Which poet utilized the dramatic monologue?

that beauty is eternal
What is the theme of Ode to a Grecian Urn?

he expressed cynicism in his poems
Byron was an atypical Romantic because _____.

the buttercup and the melon flower
Which symbols appears in Robert Browning’s “Home Thoughts, from Abroad”?

Robert Browning
he major Victorian poet whose work was considered optomistic and innovative was

Percy Bysshe Shelley
considered the power of love as the ideal solution to life’s injustices

Lord Byron
most cynical and satirical Romantic poet

William Wordsworth
considered nature as the “guide” and “guardian” of all his moral being

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
poet noted for his literary criticism

George Eliot
Victorian novelist

John Keats
the least subjective, most restrained of second generation of Romantics

Robert Browning
developed the dramatic monologue

Alfred, Lord Tennyson
considered a spokesman for the Victorian Age

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
wrote “Sonnets from the Portuguese”

a religious revolution
Not characteristic of or related to English Romanticism is _____.

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A word that relates to Neoclassical emphasis rather than Romantic emphasis is _____.

the middle class
The people who benefited most from the Industrial Revolution were _____.

after meditating on the subject
According to Wordsworth’s Preface, a poet creates a poem _____.

Lyrical Ballads
The literary work that “formally” announced the establishment of the Romantic revolt in English poetry is _____.

According to “Tintern Abbey,” the second stage in man’s developing relation with nature is that in which he experiences sensory delight in nature.

Both the Crystal Palace and Hard Times offered a tribute to the progress resulting from the Industrial Revolution

The “Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations” was held in England in 1851.

England expanded her commercial empire in the nineteenth century

Industry was only one segment of society that was revolutionized by technological inventions and intellectual developments during the Victorian Age.

Optimism characterized the first half of the Victorian Age

Parliament extended the franchise to the urban working class in _____.

England had established herself as a modern democracy by _____.

Victorian writers generally concentrated on the present rather than the past.

The main purpose of Victorian literature is to entertain rather than to instruct.

The octave relies on Keats’s use of _____.

The revolutions against tyranny in America and France were _____.

Englishmen became so disillusioned with the French Revolution that they eventually rejected all the goals and ideals it presented.

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