Changing World Lasting Values

You hear many narratives presents — that the universe is absurd. that everything has changed. that old moral values have died. This is all non-sense. for if you look for world beneath the jumble of words which hide it. you will rediscover the ageless adult male. True values were non invented for the pleasance of doddering moralists. They exist because without them. neither society nor felicity could last. Here. so. are a few regulations every bit old as civilisation itself which remain true despite the progresss of scientific discipline and engineering.

The first is that adult male must populate for something other than himself. The adult male who meditates endlessly about himself finds a 1000 grounds to be unhappy. He has notaccomplished everything he wanted to or should hold done ; he has non gotten everything he thought he deserved ; he has non been loved as he dreamed of being loved- But if he lives for ideals outside of himself — for his religion or his state.

for his friends. his married woman and household. he miraculously forgets all his junior-grade concerns. In seeking to do others happy. he besides makes himself happy. The regular interior universe is the regular outer universe. “

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The 2nd regulation is that adult male must move. “The joy of the psyche is inactivity. ” Alternatively of keening the absurdness of the universe. allow us seek to transform our ain small corner. It is non impossible. We can non alter the whole existence. but who hopes to make that? Our aim is much more simple: to make our occupation and make it good.

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to go a maestro at it. Each one works in his ain field. I write books. the carpenter assembles my bookshelves. the policeman directs traffic. the applied scientist. concepts. the curate governs.

All of them. maintain busy at work which they know how to make good. are happy. This is so true that when people have leisure clip. they keep busy with seemingly useless activities such as games and athleticss. As for utile action. we know from experience that it is effectual: an active city manager makes a metropolis comfortable ; an active priest brings verve to a parish. “Happy are those in whose eyes work forces look for order. ” The 3rd regulation is that one must believe in the power of the will. It is non true that the hereafter is predetermined- A great adult male can alter the class of history.

Any adult male who has the bravery and the will can alter his ain hereafter. Naturally. none of us is all- powerful. Each man’s freedom has its bounds. Freedom lies between the boundary line of the possible and the will. It is beyond my power to forestall war. but I can execute an act which. multiplied by 1000000s. will be effectual. It is non possible for me to win a conflict. but it is up to me to be a brave soldier. Since this restriction of the will is dependent on what one dares. one must non worry about his restriction ; but do the best he can.

Finally. the 4th. and most cherished of all values. is faithfulness. Fidelity to promises. contracts. to others. and to oneself. One must be among those who can be counted upon. Faithfulness is non an easy virtuousness. Thousand of enticements are thrown across our waies. “Faithfulness in matrimony. ” said Bernard Shaw. is no more natural to adult male than the coop to the tiger. ” Undoubtedly. fidelity is “natural. ” It is born of a voluntary determination. invariably renewed. which helps us to lift above our natures. But it gives us the enduring joy of being at peace with ourselves.

I may predate an immediate pleasance to guarantee myself the great joy in the hereafter of looking at my yesteryear without shame. but with pride. Every society in which citizens live for naught but fugitive pleasances. where work forces no longer swear each other. and whose members let themselves travel is doomed. When Rome let travel and ceased to put shop by the values which made her great. she perished. When France clung to eternal values she was saved. Modern engineering may alter one’s manners of action. but they change neither its values. the grounds for it. nor the responsibility of fidelity. Thus it was in the beginning and so it will ever be.

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Changing World Lasting Values
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