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Changing Trends Of Hospitality Industry In India Tourism Paper

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As the Hospitality industry is a really huge subject, hence, in order to do my thesis proposal likely, I had to contract down the cordial reception industry to hotels and bars merely for some portion of the undertaking like the alteration in the point of views of consumers, and for certain hotels which have their locations all around the universe. My cardinal focal point would be chiefly the top Players in the Industry owing hotels and sofa.

In the recent yesteryear old ages, India has witnessed a enormous roar in the cordial reception industry, merely like many other sections. The fact that the India ‘s economic system had been turning quickly and India as a whole had been confronting a immense challenge of being “ under roomed ” gave a occasion to the cordial reception industry. In order to leverage this chance a batch of existent estate developers have besides been puting into this concern. ( http: //www.iloveindia.com/economy-of-india/hotel-industry.html, viewed on 28-dec-2010 )

However, with an addition in the touristry industry, IT, BPO sections, foreign travellers, low-cost air hose menus, etc, there has been a growing in the cordial reception industry. Many other factors such as Commonwealth Games in Delhi have been fueling the demand farther. The in-between category is going more deluxe and the native Indian tourer travel has been turning quickly, peculiarly in topographic points such as Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan. ( http: //www.iloveindia.com/economy-of-india/hotel-industry.html, viewed on 28-dec-2010 )

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It was frequently said that a hotel must hold a beautiful location and a lush nutrient in order to win. However, in today ‘s competitory universe, even an inconsequential error can turn out to be jeopardous. The part in the information engineering section has besides strengthened and so the turning cordial reception industries have started looking for new countries to better their work and efficiencies. The IT first came into start at an upfront desk where the receptionist would look for the names of the client and so supply them with a room. In order to better the operations, large hotels started puting accounting system and package ‘s for their dorsum offices. As the concatenation of hotels started come oning in their procedure across the state, it was much required to look after their assets. This gave rise to the demand for a system to pull off the belongings, which allowed cordial reception groups to maintain a path of their assets across different provinces. It was during the same period of clip, that the large cordial reception ironss besides felt the demand for centralising the system. This period saw concatenation of hotels being networked and so connected to a cardinal waiter. Just like the Taj Group of Hotels have linked a WAN that ‘s named Taj Net, which connects the groups of 55 belongingss across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. There are many advantages in holding a centralised system. As the Hotel industries has been dependant on Travel and Tourism industry to a great extent, the combination of this travel and touristry has besides helped in constructing up cordial reception industry. ( www.expresshospitality.com viewed on 03-Jan -2011 )


The receiver for this research work would be:

The cardinal receiver – Myself

My research advisor

Top Hotels/ Resto- Bars in India and their Directors

The Customer ‘s of Hotels


The subject that I have chosen for research relates to me really good. In the present twenty-four hours scenario, the planetary market tendency sights that the endurance of the fittest companies are viing with each other and the quality and service that these companies provide are the cardinal construct for any companies ‘ growing. My research is focused much towards the support and service that is provided after busying the hotel room and for any organisation it would be a basic foundation construct to fulfill their clients and understand the demand of their clients. As we can see many of the taking MNC ‘s are paving their way to states, which could supply them with services with better quality.


The cordial reception industry is one of the largest employers in most of the states with being geographically dispersed in different sectors. The globalisation of the industry has advanced under the influence of the “ progresss in engineering, transit and communicating, deregulating and riddance of political barriers every bit good as booming competition in the planetary economic system ( Clarke and Chen, International Hospitality Management, w. 2007 ) . The hotel as a whole is fundamentally a mix of five features: its location, its mix of installations, its image, the services that it provides and the monetary value it charges ( Holloway and Neil Taylor, 2006, Pg. 2003 ) .

As said by Amadeus, “ the planetary hotel industry is driven by globalisation, new

Technology and a new strain of clients ” . The cordial reception industry, which has been with alone chance, is undergoing a period of extraordinary transmutation. A study accredited by the Amadeus group to larn about the hotel industry, recommended that the cordial reception industry stand to confront major troubles from the emerging new engineerings such as engagements through tele or nomadic phones and from the on-line societal networking sites. Guests can now easy exchange positions about what they think of the hotels through societal networking. Quality is now given more precedence than earlier. Hotels are under menace to present the highest criterions of excellence as the cognition and degree of exposure of travellers has increased. The hotels have been expecting to modify their engineering and communicating systems

as nomadic engagement has expected to go a really common pattern. ( HayHurst,2008 ) .

In recent old ages, the organisations in the cordial reception industry are undergoing a

great trade of distract as due to the force per unit area of globalisation, the competitory forces

within their concerns have been modified. Therefore, in order to last, most companies have realized that they must border a competitory advantage by trusting on their employees to better the quality of bringing ( George Bohlander, Scott Snell, 2009 – Business & A ; Economicss )

Hoteliers are now able to place the value of hazard pickings, freshness, and the intense hunt for chances as primary drivers of growing and value creative activity ( Jogaratnam G. , Vol. 18 No. 6, 2006 ) . In add-on, there has been an addition in the use of engineering as a manner of doing on-line reserves through several distribution channels. These channels can be interpreted as an organized and serviced system that is paid for, out of the selling budget and is used to supply an entree to the clients, who are off from the location of production and ingestion ( Middleton and Clark, Selling in Travel and Tourism, 2001 ) .

Normally in India, clients would do a reserve by either straight nearing the hotel or by booking through a travel agent. However, now the electronic distribution channels like the Global Distribution System ( GDS ) and the cyberspace have been steadily deriving popularity. ( Dabas and Manakt. , Vol. 19 No. 5, 2007 ) . Because of the perishable nature of the stock lists, its really important for the hotel to hold an economical distribution. ( O’Connor, Vol. 4. pg 1-15, 2002 ) .


Every research methodological analysis includes a research design which may be defined as “ the set of conditions organized hypothetically for the aggregation and analysis of informations that aims to incorporate relevancy to the research procedure with economic system in process “

Research Problem:

Understanding the development in cordial reception industry along with the current tendencies and, how the companies have been affected the demand for their consumers every bit good as their perceptual experience.

Research Question:

The altering tendencies of the Hospitality Industry in India

Research Aims:

1. The public presentation of Hospitality industry in India.

2. How has the tendency transformed in the past few old ages.

3. Analyzing the demand and supply of adjustment and turning

monetary values in different Indian cordial reception industry?

4. How has the perceptual experience about the restaurants/hotels and bars changed in the heads of consumers?

5. Who are the main participants in the Indian market every bit good as the 1s that have branched outside India?


Since there is no relationship between the Hospitality Industry and the decision, the research would be to the full prelusive so that the decision, which is being analysed utilizing different methods of study and survey, would back up the research.


The scheme that will be followed for the research work will be Surveys. Surveys will be taken from either the Hotels or Resto-Bars in India and besides from the clients of different cordial reception sections.


My informations aggregation processes for this research would dwell of series of processs, which would be farther branched into primary and secondary informations aggregation.


The chief procedures that I would be trusting on while utilizing my primary informations aggregation would be through questionnaire based on the information, that will be done by personally run intoing the clients and by directing them stations and by run intoing the staff of the hotel in individual.

The questionnaire I would be working on, would be divided in a manner that would be most efficient in managing them and by maintaining the clip factor into consideration, the most applicable system would be applied to the best suited group. While using a incorrect procedure in garnering information would ensue in detaining the whole operation. The research subject requires a Qualitative method to measure the findings aimed for. A well framed questionnaire will be given in individual.

The appropriate tool for my research proposal would be a type of a study, because the best manner to obtain the needed informations, in order to happen replies for my research inquiries, would be inquiring a set of inquiries.

Every methods of informations aggregation have its ain advantages every bit good as disadvantages. For illustration:

Internet study: Survey done through electronic mails and file sharing.

The advantages of Internet as a manner of study are:

1. Survey can be set up faster.

2. Survey consequences are faster.

3. Response can be administered by leting pre and station inquiries.

4. The skip-pattern inquiries can be used to extinguish interviewer mistake.

5. Respondent can reply at their ain convenience.

6. Cost of interview in minimum.

Although, Internet study has many advantages, it might non be the most appropriate method of appraising for this thesis. The ground behind this is the namelessness of the web, which makes any type of avowal hard, if non impossible.

Postal Questionnaire is yet another type of study which has the undermentioned advantages and disadvantages:


Their costs are comparatively low.

Datas can be obtained from big sample countries.

Can avoid interview prejudice.

Privacy scenes can be enhanced for the respondents.

Rating graduated tables can be flexible.


Poor response rates.

Respondents may misinterpret inquiries.

The intended individual may non be the 1 who completed questionnaire.

The comparative nature of the inquiries to be posted is supposed to hold confidential information, has made me to make up one’s mind that postal questionnaire might be the most appropriate signifier for roll uping information.

The methods for informations aggregation scope from the simple usage of postal questionnaire to face-to-face interviews, where an interviewer uses tape recording equipment and note taking as their tools for roll uping information. Few of the methods are expensive but they certainly guarantee a good response rate, while others being inexpensive to administrate but are most likely to bring forth a hapless response ( Les Oakshott, 2001 )


The secondary informations are the type of informations that are made by others for their ain intents. The secondary information for my research proposal would be gathered from the companies own informations archives and from their one-year fiscal studies. In add-on, the findings of former research surveies on outsourcing an accounting procedure would give an ample sum of historical informations or decision-making forms. I would besides be utilizing Internet to acquire some more information about the industry and usage diaries for acquiring direction from the past researches on this subject.


The informations collected from the questionnaire would be analyzed through the SPSS text analysis. Different manner of SPSS analysis will be used in analysing the information from the questionnaire.


Recently this subject has been quiet popular, with a roar in the cordial reception industry at that place have been a batch of research worker working on this subject in order to understand the demands and behavior of the people, so that they could propose stairss to better and assist turn the industry. The subject for this research is besides a hot topic as the touristry industry is besides connected with the cordial reception industry and the touristry industry has progressed alot.

About the author

This paper example is written by Benjamin, a student from St. Ambrose University with a major in Management. All the content of this paper consists of his personal thoughts on Changing Trends Of Hospitality Industry In India Tourism and his way of presenting arguments and should be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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