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Changes in Society Essay

The way of life changed due to the inventions and the lack of man labor.If you were unemployed the chances to get a good job were slim.Although the inventions were remarkable, the outcome for the people were positive and devastating.
The steam engine was a good invention, this helped trade both at sea and by land.The railroad was a cheap way to transport manufactured goods.The railroad boosted thousands of new jobs for the railroad and miners.Although it was a good thing, it also had people moving to cities.Things just started getting crowded, people kept on coming.It showed that the change was good and it was bad.
The class tension was changed due to the revolution.Most all merchant factory owners had big houses.The middle class emerged with skilled workers, professionals, business people and wealthy farmers.The middle class seemed to get larger with government workers, doctors, lawyers and managers.They were neither rich or poor but they were getting by good.There was also a lower middle class which consisted of factory overseers and skilled worker.The poor workers were hit hard with poor living and working conditions.
The industrial revolution caused many effects on society, some were good and some were bad.But the thing is that the changes were long term and many workers were effected. The industrial revolution was a thing to remember.

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