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Automatic Private IP Paper

Automatic private IP address (APIPA) 11, If a computer is found to have an IP address of 169,254. 1 , 1, what can you assume about how it received that address? The IP address was automatically assigned by Windows when it failed to lease an address from the DID;ICP server. The corrupter received an APIPA IP address. 12, What are the last 64 bits of a IPPP IP address called? How are these bits used? The Interface ID which is used to uniquely identify the network connection on the local link. 13.

Name at least three tunneling protocols that are used for IPPP packets to travel over an IPPP network. STATS, Termed, and 60TH 14 HOW is an IPPP IP address used that begins With 2000::? That begins With FEB.::? IP addresses that begin with 2000:: are global addresses used on the Internet. Addresses that begin With FEB.:: are link local addresses used on a riveter network. 15. How many bits are in the Subnet ID block? What are the values of these bits for a linkable IP address? The Subnet ID block contains 16 bits. The value of these bits for a lineal address are 0000 0000 0000 0000, 16.

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Which type of IPPP address is used to create multiple sites within a large organization? Unique local addresses 17. What type of server serves up IP addresses to computers on a network? DDCD server I & Which TCP/IP protocol that manages packet delivery guarantees that delivery? Which protocol does not guarantee delivery, but is faster? TCP, UDP I g. At what port does an ESMTP email server listen to receive email from a client computer? Port 25 20. Which protocol does a web server use when transmissions are encrypted for security?

HTTPS uses either HTTP together with SSL or TLS encryption protocols 21. What type of server resolves fully qualify De domain names to IP addresses? DNS server 22 Which email protocol allows a client application to manage email stored on an email server? MAP 23, What type of protocol is used to present a public IP address to computers outside the LANA to handle requests to use the Internet from connecters inside the LANA? NAT 24 Which protocol is used when an application queries a database on a corporate network such as database of printers? LDAP 25.

What type of encryption protocol does Secure FTP (SOFT) use to secure FTP transmissions? SSH 26 What two Windows applications use the RID protocol and port 3389? Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance 27. Which version of 802. 11 technologies can use two antennas at both the access point and the nonvoter adapter? 802. 1 In 28. Which wireless encryption standard is stronger, WEEP or WAP? WAP 29. When securing a Wi-If wireless network, which is considered better security: o if Titer MAC addresses, use encryption, or not broadcast the SAID? To use encryption 30.

Would you expect WAP to be used when a wireless network is using strong security, weak security, or no security (as in a public hotshot Strong security Thinking Critically 1. You have just installed a network adapter and have booted up the system, installing the drivers, You open Windows Explorer on a remote computer and don’t see the computer on which you just installed the NICE. What is the if rest thing you check? A. Has TCP/Pop been enabled? B. Is the computer using dynamic or static IP addressing? C. Are the lights on the adapter functioning correctly?

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