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CH. 7 Psychology Test Paper

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Which is the most likely prototype for the concept vehicle?

Which of the following test would be best suited to an 8 year old child?

Most standardized tests have a distribution of scores that:
Follows the normal curve

Which of the following activities/sports is noted by your textbook as having a concerning number of head injuries and concussions?

Which of these elements of the formal definition of intellectual disability?
Adaptive behavior severely below a level appropriate for the persons age.

Which of these is an element of the formal definition of intellectual disability?
IQ below 70

In familiar retardation, the degree of retardation is typically?

Which of the following people would be classified as having a profound developmental delay?
Someone with IQ below 25

Which of the following is a true statement?
The mildly retarded can reach the sixth grade level and love independently.

Which of the following statements is TRUE about Thurman’s longitudinal study of gifted children?
The same children were followed over the length of their life span and some are still being followed today.

If intelligence is determined primarily by heredity, which pair should show the highest correlation between IQ scores?
Identical Twins

At the current time, which statement is true about our knowledge of whether animals can use humanlike language?
It is still unclear if animals can show humanlike language at any level of development.

Which of the following is suggested by your authors as helping to substantially improve cognitive health?
Physical Exercise

On September 6th, 2007, Alex the African Parrot died. He was an important part of the work conducted by researcher Irene Pepperberg in ______ and _______ research.
Cognition and Communication

_____ scans have demonstrated that when you are creating a visual image the areas associated with stored knowledge send information to the visual cortex.

_____ are the ideas that represent a class or category of objects, events or activities.

What are mental categories representing activities, objects, qualities or situations that share some common characteristics?

Compared to formal concepts learned in science and math, ______ tend to be fuzzy with unclear boundaries.
Natural Concepts

The first thing that comes to mind when asked to name an example from a category is called the ______.

The trial-and-error method of solving problems is also known as the _____ solution.

What systematic problem-solving method guarantees a solution, provided that one exists.
Algorthmic Method

What problem-solving strategies don’t guarantee solutions but make efficient use of time?

In problem solving, the term “rule of thumb” refers to?

A seemingly arbitrary flash “out-of-the-blue” thought which the solution to a problem suddenly becomes apparent to you, buy you do not consciously know how you “figured it out” is called?

Kohler demonstrated “Aha!” or insight with ______

What term of psychologist use to describe our tendency to search for evidence that supports our beliefs and to ignore evidence that might disprove it?
Confirmation Bias

The tendency to perceive and approach problems in the same ways that have worked in the past is called?
Mental Set

The ability to solve problems by combining behaviors and ideas in new ways is called?

_______ Thinking works well for routine problem solving but may be of little use when a more creative solution is needed.

A person starts from one point and comes up with many different ideas or possibilities based on that point. The person is engaging in ______ thinking.

A group of businessmen and women get together to try to solve the problem of decreased sales of their company’s products. One of them suggests that they generate as many ideas as they can in a short period of time without being critical of any of them. This technique of stimulating divergent thinking is called?

The divergent thinking technique of starting with a central idea and drawing a “map” with lines from the center to the other related ideas and then forming a mental image of the concepts and their connections is known as ______ or _____ mapping.
Mind or Subject

The divergent thinking technique of writing down everything that comes to ind about a topic without revising or proofreading until all the information is recorded and then organizing it later is known as ______.

The ability to think rationally or logically, and use resources effectively when faced with challenges or problems is the psychologist’s working definition of?

Charles Spearman believed that intelligence is composed of _____ intelligence and ______
General, Specific abilities

Gardner and his associates are known for proposing the theory of _____ intelligence.

What three types of intelligence constitutes Sternberg’s triarchic their of intelligence?
Analytical, Creative and Practical

Measuring intelligence by testing is a rather new concept in the history of the world. The idea of such testing came from?

Alfred Binet designed the first ______ test.

The correct formula for determining IQ as used in Terman’s development of the Stanfor-Binet test was?
IQ = MA/CA x 100

Psychological test that yields relatively consistent results are said to be?

A psychological test that measures what we intend it to measure is said to be

A test is said to be _____ if a person’s score on a test is pretty much the same every time he or she takes it.

What percentage of the population has an IQ below 100?

When soldiers in the military sustain head injuries, there is a _____% likelihood that the injuries would be categorized as moderate to severe.

People are termed gifted in terms of intelligence if their IQ is above?

All parents think their little kids are geniuses. However, to be classified as a genius, the IQ score must be above?

The term ______ refers to a sample of gifted children who were studied and followed into adulthood.
Terman’s Termites

______ Intelligence has been suggested by Golemanto to be more powerful influence on life than traditional views.

A group of psychologists reviews the literature on the heritability of intelligence. They conclude that most of the estimates indicate that _____ percent of intelligence is due to genetics

A system for combining symbols so that an infinite number of meaningful statements can be made is called?

The rules that determine how sounds and words can be combined and used to communicate meaning within a language are collectively known as?

The system of rules that governs how we combine words to form grammatical sentences is called?

The basic meaningful units of any language are called?

What are the smallest units of meaning in a language?

The semantics of the sentence “He ran” refer to its?

_____ are defined as the practical aspects of communicating with others, to the social “niceties” of language.

The rhythm and emphasis on each word is called?

Which developmental psychologist theorized that concepts preceded and aided the development of language?

What do we call the hypothesis that language influences what we think?
The Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis

Researchers have found that both ____ and ____ are influenced by culture.
Language and Thought

Regular aerobic exercise has been found to increase neurogensis in the _______.

CH. 7 Psychology Test

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