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Censorship and Banning Books Essay

Over time at one point or another, there has been issues about freedom of speech and censorship. I believe that there are fine lines to where there should be censorship, but not in all cases of what we see, read, or hear in everyday life. Books should not be banned because it goes against everything that our country was founded for, freedom to be what you want to be, to read what you want to read, and say whatever you want to say.
I feel that I should not be told what to read and what not to read. People need to think for themselves and not let other people make decisions for them. Question Authority. Think a little more about what people tell you to do. Do you feel it is right? Use your own judgment wisely. Then conclude your own opinions on what you are told. The main reason books are banned from schools is because of sexual content, use of profanity, or the way the book may influence you. People in our society today should be wise enough to think by what they see and not by what they hear.
Censorship could be defined as any individual or a group of individuals trying to impose their morality on all of society as a whole. While its important that we live in a moral society, the level of morality would be established naturally by and through the opinions on society as a whole. Not by any individual or small group.
Our country was founded, there was something written in the Constitution called the First Amendment. The First Amendment gives us the freedom we have to think, see, speak, hear, etc. what we want to witness. Banning books takes away that freedom of the Constitution. The main purpose of books are to educate. If the book does not serve that purpose, chances are it won't be used at all. Society should not really be concerned about books with no redeeming value being used in schools. If they have no value to them, chances are they are not going to be used. People need to get a better understanding of things and th…

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