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Universal Jorge Tattooed Logan, 2007-2010 During my thesis at the university, I worked as a teaching assistant with undergraduate students. I worked on several microbiology laboratories. Activities generally consisted in explaining the theory for a certain technique or procedure, followed by practical exercises. My responsibilities included assisting students with equipment (measuring, handling), reviewing workflow charts and assisting the professor. Microbiology laboratories are quite demanding and due to safety measures, one must make sure the students follow the protocols and workflow precisely.

Finch el Highern, Santa Elena, Ecuador From mid-2010 until 2013 lived on the coast of Ecuador near Quailing. During this time I worked on an agricultural project where students from a local school (College tectonic De Santa Elena) visited the farm once a week to practice what they had learned at school. Activities included equipment instructions, agricultural practices, crop planning, plant growth etc. Activities were conducted during a whole school year. What other work experience do you have? Have had several jobs in customer service and logistics.

I have worked for

English campaigns in the USA such us Compact and At&t. Do you have any other professional training? Yes No If Yes, outline here: Customer service Operations Carpentry and Masonry OTHER INFORMATION Please indicate any health concerns that may be pertinent to your application: None Is there any other information you think is worth mentioning? How did you hear about the courses at International House Bogota;? Internet Will you need help with accommodation? Yes OTHER APPLICATIONS Have you previously applied for a CELT course at any centre? Yes If ‘yes’ what was the outcome of your application/interview?

Approved Are you applying to centers other than II Bogota;? British Council IMPORTANT: Please note that acceptance on a course does not mean a place has been reserved for you.

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To ensure a place the full fee must be paid no later than six weeks before the start of the course. Fees are not transferable or refundable. I have read and accepted the above conditions. Signed: Arturo Date: 4/15/2015 PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THIS FORM ONCE YOU HAVE LADLED IT IN. Pre-intent. ‘IEEE task: CELT at II Bogota; Name: Arturo Hypes 1. LEARNING There is a lot to learn about teaching in a very short period of time. How would you characterize yourself as a learner? I believe my learning style is a blend between visual and kinesthesia. As input, like for information to be presented visually; reading written dialogues while I’m listening helps retaining information. I am also a hands on person and therefore I learn by doing it. I believe on the effectiveness of an empirical approach depending on the topic. B) What is your preferred learning style? For example: 1. Watch it done and copy it 2. Read the theory of it and try to apply it 3. Try it out and get feedback on it 4. Work it out for yourself 5. Or…

My style would be a combination between number 1 and 2. Depends on the topic and the task. 2. TEACHING Answer the following in 2 or 3 sentences: i. How would you get students talking in class? An effective introduction with positive attitude and a smile is a start. It is important to start with a low level of complexity, start building empathy and provide students with enough information for them to fill confident. Then I would continue asking questions, listening carefully in order to keep asking questions based on what they have said. Ii. What are some of the reasons for and against teaching grammar rules?

Reasons Against: grammar based lessons don’t lead to oral fluency, language is acquired rather than learned. Reasons for: grammar is De backbone of a language, bringing an idea to its full extension needs the underlying structure of grammar. Iii. How important is listening and reading when learning a foreign language? One needs a massive input of data to learn a language fluently, this helps to develop language intuition, while bringing and incorporating new words into the speech. Iv. What is a good way of teaching vocabulary’? Some effective ways for teaching vocabulary are: guessing the meaning wrought the context Of a lecture.

The Odd word out, where a list Of 4-5 words contains one that does not fit. Match the opposites. 2 lists of words the first list should contain adjectives and the second the opposite of those adjectives. V. What are the main reasons for and against correcting students’ mistakes? Reasons for: most students do want to have some of their mistakes corrected as it gives them a basis for improvement. Letting errors pass means that bad habits become persistent. Reasons against: over-correcting may cause a student to lose motivation or to stop talking for fear of being wrong.

It can also interrupt the flow of the class or activity, making a pause on every mistake to correct. 3. THE TEACHER a. In your opinion, which of the following jobs would best prepare a person for language teaching (choose one only): sports coach tour group leader driving instructor actor/actress Why? Social worker lecturer sales person nurse Multiple interactions with different kinds of people can lead to learn different accents, words, slang etc. Which helps to develop a more richer language. B. In the light of the above, why do you think YOU are suited to language teaching?

I’ve been interested in the English language and due to my school and university I’ve studying it for most of my life. I am also an open minded individual with excellent interpersonal relationships and lots of stamina, which in my opinion can help develop good relations with students. 4. TEACHER TALK ORe-phrase the following “teacher talk” in language that an elementary learner might understand. O. If you wouldn’t mind opening your books to page 23, please. Please open your books and go to page 23. D. What might you ask someone if you wanted to find out how to get to the cost office?

What would you say to someone if you need help finding the post office? O. Jot down the answers and then swap with your neighbor. Write down the answer and then exchange it with the person next to you. 5. LANGUAGE AWARENESS 000000000. Which is the “odd one out” in each group, and why? O. The baby’s bottle. The nation’s struggle. The teacher’s absent. The nurse’s pay. The government’s defeat. “The teacher’s absent “is the odd one out because it refers to something happening in the present. The apostrophe is used as a contraction for the “teacher is”.

While in the others is used as a possessive. 0. 0 The plane was hi-jacked by a woman. The tourists were attacked by a gang. The soldier was hit by a bullet. The trains collided by a river. Three hundred people were killed by the earthquake. Why? The “by” on the sentence is being used in the sense of “beside” meaning the trains collided at the side of a river or next to it’. The others are using it in the sense of “through the action of” 0. 0 She must have lost the address. Alan must have been here too. That must have been awful. The thieves must have got in through the window.

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