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Cell Membrane Lab Report Paper

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Methyl Blue 5 Celsius Total Diameter (mm) * Distance diffused = diameter Of each reading minus initial diameter Rate = distance in mm/elapsed time (min) Double click the chart below. A spreadsheet will open. Enter the data from the table above into the spreadsheet in the areas provided. When you are finished, click into another area of the lab report. The spreadsheet Will close automatically. Do not close the spreadsheet with the X in the upper right corner. What effect did temperature have on the rate of diffusion? How did molecule size affect the rate of diffusion? What happens to the rate of diffusion over time?

Why? What can you conclude from this experiment? II. Osmosis Osmosis EXERCISE 2 – osmosis demonstration After 15 minutes, record the volume change in each tube. Seismometer Dialysis Tube Contents Beaker Contents Volume Fluid Moved Direction of Movement Describe the net movement of water in seismometer 1. Describe the net moment of the water in seismometer 2. How is the movement fatter molecules related to the concentration gradient of the water? EXERCISE 3 – Effect of solute concentration on rate of osmosis Subtract the beginning mass from the final mass for each of the five bags.

Record the difference in the table below, Double click the chart below to open a spreadsheet and enter the results from the table above to complete the graph. When you are finished with your work, click into another area in the lab report to close the spreadsheet (do not use the X in the upper right hand corner). For visual purposes the answer key shows the chart only from 10 grams to 22 grams. Your chart will begin at O grams. Answer the questions below based on data displayed in the graph above. Was the direction Of net movement Of water in bags I to 4 into or out Of the bags? Which bag gained the most weight? Why?

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Explain the results from bags 4 and 5. Viewing the data you entered in the table above, summarize the results for each bag. Summary Tonality of Bag,’shaker Ill. Permeability of Membranes EXERCISE 4 – Differential permeability Tube 3 is tested for starch. Tube IIS tested tort chloride ions. Enter the data from the lab exercise into the table below. Contents of Beaker Contents of Bag 0 min 60 min O min Starch Chloride Ion Which substances diffused through the dialysis membrane? How does dialysis tubing model the differential permeability of a plasma membrane? What physical property of dialysis tubing allows it to be differentially permeable?

IV. Tonality Tonality Hypotonic Isotonic Hypersonic Turgid. Polynomials. Lists Lased Hemolytic Hemolytic Creation A. Tonality in Plant Cells EXERCISE 5 – Polynomials in Elodea cells Label which sample is turgid and which is polymerase (Answer 1 in each column). Label the cell wall, central vacuole, plasma membrane, and chloroplasts on each slide. For a more detailed view of the slides below, increase the comment size to 150% using the drop-down feature on the toolbar or look under zoom in the view options of the menu bar, Sample I Sample 2 Compare the central vacuole and plasma membranes of the Elodea leaves.

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