In Adults Over 90 Of All Cancers Are Either Adenomas And Carcinomas

1. Confirm your understanding of cell specialization by listing six systems in the human body and naming at least one specialized cell found in each system.

  • Nervous system – neurons
  • Digestive system – exocrine cells
  • Respiratory – epithelial cells
  • Musclular – liver cells
  • Reproductive – sperm cells
  • Circulartory – red blood cells

2. Use the analogy of the cell as a manufacturing factory to describe the function of the following cell structures: plasma membrane, mitochondria, nucleus, Golgi, ribosomes, lysosomes, endoplasmic reticulum.

  • Plasma membrane – acts like a fence
  • Mitochondira – electrical source for factory, provides energy
  • Nucleus – manager of factory, the control center of it all
  • Golgi – distribution shipping department, send out the product to where it needs to go
  • Ribosomes – where the good/products made, could be considered a worker in factory, making the products
  • Endoplasmic reticulum – hallways in factory, used for travel of information and product
  • Lysosomes – a back up generator incase power goes out, the janitor/maintence man, and the delete button that can ultimately destroy the entire factory.

Which One Of The Four Basic Tissue Types Gives Rise To Most Cancers

3. In adults, over 90% of all cancers are either adenomas or carcinomas. In fact, cancers of the skin, lung, colon, breast, and prostate are all in these categories. Which one of the four basic tissue types gives rise to most cancers? Why might this type of tissue be so susceptible to cancer? I think the epithelial tissue gives rise to most cancers. I think this because of all the tissues it is the most exposed and the largest in the human body.

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It can come in thin or thick layers making some areas more susceptible than others depending on exposure. Its ability to absorb can lead to absorption of harmful chemicals and toxins. If something in this system fails, like its secretion function in the stomach, then other systems in the human body such as the digestive system, will cease to function properly.

4. Explain why our epithelial tissue heal more rapidly than other types of tissue. This tissue lacks blood vessels. “They are nourished by substances that diffuse from underlying connective tissue, which are well supplied with blood vessels. Epithelial cells reproduce routinely. As a result, injuries to epithelium are likely to heal rapidly as new cells replace lost or damaged ones. ” (Mindbodyhealth. 2010) Mindbodyhealth. 2010. Epithelial Support with Peak ATP. Retrieved from: http://www. mindbodyhealth. com/RoexEpithelial. htm Rizzo, D. (2010). The human body. (3rd Ed. ) Fundamentals of anatomy physiology. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning.

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In Adults Over 90 Of All Cancers Are Either Adenomas And Carcinomas
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