What Is It Like to Be a Celebrity

The following sample essay covers all the nuances of being a celebrity. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

To get down with. stardom. celebrity. wealth and glorification ne’er comes entirely. It brings a enormous load of standing idiosyncrasy and cautious attitude. Those who fail to make so. non merely set into danger their place in people. but are besides responsible for advancing negative tendencies in their followings. Hence I acknowledge the statement that the famous persons bear immense duties to move as function theoretical accounts.

Essay Example on Celebrities

As we are populating in a universe of media today. it is non surprising that these famous persons remain in spotlight and are chased everyplace by cameras. The most influence is done to the young person. The munificent. epicurean. colorfull and expansive life styles of these famous persons can animate anyone who loves to woolgather. The immature people. seek to copy them in vesture. hair manner and even in walking and speaking.

At a certain degree. this all remains endurable. nevertheless the job occurs when immature male childs start to detto them in smoke. imbibing and seeking to make all other things in their favorite famous persons manner.

Young people do non merely copy their mentality. but besides start conceive ofing the universe from the eyes of these famous persons. alternatively of fostering their ain ideas and thoughts. Young adult females waste a wholesum of money in making the same manner of dressing and purchasing acessories.

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that are merely a waste of clip and money. nevertheless. really attractive for the business communities. Jerseies with famous persons names and images are one of the illustrations. Young male childs and misss imitate themselves to be Leonardo Dicaprio and Angelina Jolie or anticipate their partners to move in the same mode.

This whole attitude of immature people. brings a duty towards media and its people. As famous persons should cognize. that their pes prints are being followed with curiousity and greed. they should keep the symbols of honestness and public assistance. It is frequently seen that interviews of these famous persons are read with acute involvement by immature people. Young male childs and misss are eager to cognize the personal purposes and attitudes of these people. They observe them closely and so copy them in every case of their life. The youth wage great attending to their advises. Even more than their parents. instructors and their sympathizers.

It is therefore an huge liability of famous persons to move positively. non merely in public but besides in their private lives. They need to demo trustiness and honestness. A little alteration in their attitude can impact much more than books and talks of instructors and parents. We are populating in an epoch. where media is the most powerful portion of our lives. We frequently blindly follow the tendencies of non merely vesture. but besides the popular tendencies of ideas and thoughts. as spoken or shown on telecasting. Hence the media people. that is the famous persons play an of import function in doing a positive impact on today’s young person.

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What Is It Like to Be a Celebrity
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