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Causes of World War II Essay

Essay Topic:

When most people look at war thefirst thing that they usually take into consideration is the destruction, anarchy and casualties, when in reality the most important aspect of war might be the theories of why the war happened instead of what went on during the conflict. These theories can show us many things about the prelude to war and also help us distinguish if the theory in question is the deciding reason that the war began or merely an event or figure that may have helped cause the war but never really had enough significance to incite war alone. Most importantly by examining the theories of why wars start, we as a society can cipher through which theories seem plausible and which ones do not, giving us an idea for future of what precautions we might be able to take to prevent such wars in the future. When looking at wars in particular the Second World War gives us many interesting ideas and theories on how such a terrible event could have happened during our time. In examining World War II closely four major theories on the causation of the war appear as the most relevant, the theory that it was the personalities of the leaders of the warring countries such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin that lead to war, the differing foreign policies of the countries at war, for instance America's isolationism helping to bring ahead the war, the world's economic crisis at the in the early 1930's and finally the effects from World War I gave way to World War II.
One main theory of the cause of World War II is that the differing and hostile personalities of the warring countries leaders helped to start the war. This theory steams from the individual level of analysis in that the theory looks specifically at individual leaders of counties causes of war. Thefirst and most obvious evidence for this theory is the personality of the German/Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. It is in many historians opinions that not only did Hitler help…

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