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Causes of World One Essay

What started out as a local European disturbance between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, ended up as the most horrific war in world history. Many textbooks say that Germany was the main cause of World War I, but there were many more factors that aided the start of this atrocious affair. The essence of nationalism that pervaded Europe throughout the 19th and into the 20th century also played a major factor, along with the political and economic rivalry among the nations, and two hostile military alliances. Germany may have played a vital role in commencing World War I, but by no means were they the solitary force.
One of the main causes of World War I was the “spirit of intense nationalism”. After, the French Revolution, most of Europe learned about the idea of political democracy, bringing about the idea that people of the same ethnic origin, language and political morals had the right to independent states. Many countries began to believe in this system of division. Several peoples who wanted national independence were categorized into nations. For example, the German people were left divided into numerous territories. Italy was also left divided into many parts, some of which were under foreign control and the Flemish- and French-speaking Belgians of the Austrian Netherlands, were placed under Dutch rules by congress. Revolutionary movements held during the 19th century undid the work of the congress. Belgium won its independence from the Netherlands in 1831, the unification of Italy was accomplished in 1861, and that of Germany in 1871. At the close of the century, however, the pro!
blem of nationalism was still unresolved in other areas of Europe, resulting in tensions both within the regions involved and between various European nations.
The spirit of nationalism was also seen in economical conflicts. The Industrial Revolution, which took place in Great Britain at the end of the 18th century, followed in France in the early …

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