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Causes of the Civil War Essay

Essay Topic:

America has been through much in it's existence.We got our nation started with the
Revolutionary War.America had the slavery problem and of course the Civil War.We were thefirst to land on the moon.We have one of the strongest countries in the world today.America hasn't always been strong.In it's early years America actually had a struggle. America's government wasn't stable.Wars were putting the nation into debt, and taking the country's men.America has had a bitter-sweet existence with lots of ups and downs.
This report will be over the years from the start of America to the Civil War.I will show how America developed up into when the Civil War started, and how the way this country developed actually caused the Civil War, the worst war this country has ever been a part of.One of the big reasons for the Civil War was slavery. It was an everlasting question at this time period.There were many big events that had to do with slavery.I will tell how events such as the Dred Scott Case, Fugitive Slave Act, Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, and the Compromise of 1850 eventually led to the breakout of the Civil War.Another reason for disagreement between the states was how the government of the United States was being ran.There were problems of states rights, unfair legislature representation, there were also strict tariffs such as the Tariff of Abominations.There were other causes for the Civil War, such as the Gadsen Purchase and the political parties of the time.These are more random events. These events also contributed to the split of America. This report will show how strong America really is. After you get done reading this paper you will be amazed that we are still liveing in this great country, and that today America is a world power. This will be a report over the hard times of this country, just don't forget the good times of our co…

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