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Causes Of Environmental Problems Paper

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The Earth is our home and where we live. But these years, more and more problems are coming to destroy our mother land, such as political factors, wars, and environmental problems. The environmental problems such as overpopulation, use of fossil fuels or nuclear energy and deforestation are getting more and more grim, and harmful to the earth. The air pollution and water pollution has obviously become two of the most serious problems in the world. Air pollution is the major problem in the world.

Essay Example on Environmental Problems And Their Causes

In modern life, a retreat deal of energy is needed to run the the factories of industrial nations. Autos, trains, and planes, are modes of our daily transportation that also uses energy at the same time they burn fuels, produce wastes, and some of which remain in the air. Cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given Off by factories and causes air pollution. I read a piece of news recently. It said that in Japan, many businessmen are selling fresh air to customers, and now it is becoming more and more popular. Why? Fresh air is becoming less and less in Japan and around the world.

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Just like the air, water is also a source of life. Water pollution has also become a big problem in the world. People can’t live without water. Some of our factories are polluting the waters. Rivers all over the world are becoming polluted with garbage and dangerous chemicals. Ships also contribute to the problem because they rely on rivers for disposing of wastes. Oil and other chemicals can kill fish and make water unsafe for drinking. Many fish are dying. More and more aquatic organisms are disappearing from the world. Some polluted waters are even hurting people.

Also, trees on the hills have been cut down; so waste water is being poured continuously into rivers. In conclusion, air pollution and water pollution are become serious problems in the world. We should find a solution to these problems. I think the governments of all countries are supposed to formulate rules and regulations to deal with the pollution problems. The people should be more aware of the environmental problems and be more conscientious about caring for the environment. I hope the problem will be solved in the near future and our lives will become better and better.

Causes Of Environmental Problems

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