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Causes and Solutions of Unemployment Paper

One Of many elements causing unemployment is the too high cost of worker’s maintenance. There should be done something about it, until there would be a chance that private investors will employ more functionaries. In addition, however, in this case only politicians are able to act and everything depends on them, as only they are in power to lower the costs. A useful suggestion for those who are job searching would be to take up more trainings or education, to gain new skills coherent with the needs of a market, hat would be possible with a material support trot the governments .

As a result people would have proper qualifications for types of jobs available, Furthermore, the states ought to take care of those who are out of employment and do not leave them alone, especially do not let them let go. A good solution would be to create a kind of groups of support that could have a motivating and supervisory function at the same time. People would feel more confident, motivated and they would share with each other their problems, hopes and ideas.

One final suggestion, that would help, is for governments to create new opportunities for young people , to give them chances for apprenticeships Which are certain to provide a better start at career path. Taking all the things into consideration, the ideas listed by me above are realized in the Aaron part of developing countries, unfortunately they are very expensive projects. That is why the service is differently realized dependent on the financial capabilities of a particular country.

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The countries that are doing he worst are those after-communism , where there is not enough money on effective support for unemployed citizens. On the contrary the best are doing countries from west Europe and north America. There the unemployment is the lowest because to essential assistance. In my opinion, there is a possibility to decrease the rate of unemployment, under the condition that the governments do essential corrections and those who are the most concerned here will cooperate and work hard to make the best of them.

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