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Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect




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Cause and Effect

The impact of food processing technology on cooking habits or eating habits

Technological advancements have had a significant effect on the society in numerous aspects, in the modern society. This has essentially been associated with the role of the advancements in that technology is considered as a means for making life easier for the human race. Technology is primarily viewed from a communicative perspective in terms of its development. This has been one of the most transformed fields in the world since technology has revolutionized all means of communication resulting in better and efficient means or channels of communication.

Literature provides that there are substantial numbers of individuals in the developing world who are exposed to unhealthy diets because of an imbalance. This is because of the inadequacy or unavailability of food to ensure sufficient nutrition. Health of an individual is usually determined by numerous factors such as nutrition, genetic make up, socioeconomic statuses and accessibility to healthcare. In addition, other issues such as the environment, which comprises of natural, climatic and socio-economic conditions, play a significant role in the determination of the health of an individual (Kennedy, Kennedy, & Muth, 2012).

Global food prices have a significant effect on the trends on terms of availability of food to people around the world; the conditions between developed and developing or undeveloped countries have disparities in terms of the level of nutrition exhibited by their respective populations. Developed countries are able to use technology using the various agricultural production systems, which have higher levels of technological advancements enabling such countries to have better food production processes for subsequent benefits in terms of higher nutritional value. On the other hand, there are higher incidences of under nutrition exhibited by individuals in poor countries.

Technology is associated with making work easier for people in that it aids execution of tasks in an efficient and effective manner. This has had an effect on the lifestyles of individuals in that it has facilitated sedentary lifestyles among people especially in the developed countries. The sedentary lifestyles are also associable with better diets and higher levels of nutrition resulting in health problems associated with sedentary lifestyles. Technology has an impact on the socioeconomic conditions and structures of given country or area. This has resulted in the change, in terms of access to basic needs such as health services, agricultural practices of given areas, which have a significant effect on the health of a given population (Kennedy, Kennedy, & Muth, 2012).

Modern day agricultural practices have been improved using technology to accrue benefits such as improved nutritional value of a given society. In addition, this has also been affected by changes in channels of communication, which are directly related to technological advancements. Communication is considered as one of the most powerful aspects of society. This has enabled the availability of information related to issues such as diets, modern and appropriate means of agriculture and other vital information related to nutrition. Information enables alterations in terms of perceptions about the means of agriculture used to ensure high levels of food adequacy or availability, as well as high levels of nutritional value in the types of foods available to a given population (Kennedy, Kennedy, & Muth, 2012).

Communication systems have been improved enabling availability and efficient dissemination of information to the public in terms of the appropriate means of agriculture as well as information relation to the best diets as well as nutrition information, which is beneficial for improvement of health of a respective population of a given country. The modern means of communication are largely focused on the development of the internet as the preferred line of communication and dissemination of information.

Food processing technologies such as micronutrient fortification are among the benefits, accruable from technological advancements. This is one of the best means of alleviation of issues related to dietary deficiencies such as incidences of malnutrition. This provides improved nutritional value in packaged food products such as increased vitamins and proteins for the subsequent improvements in the micronutrient statuses exhibited by individuals (Kennedy, Kennedy, & Muth, 2012).

Changes enabled by technology in micronutrients fortification have enabled the improvements in immune systems, reduced incidences of maternal deaths associated with malnutrition. On-line based services have a significant role in the modern world in the improvement of nutrition and health of a given society. This results in the adoption of better lifestyles and habits as provided by information from online platforms. Online sources are essential in that they provided an avenue for the evaluation and updating of information as it relates to health and nutrition issues.

Technology has enabled ease in access and availability of information pertaining to health and nutrition because of the low costs associated with access to the internet and other technological platforms such as television and radio programs. Higher institutions have also been able to avail programs in health and nutrition. Hence increasing the availability of knowledge and skills essential for the alleviation of the societal issues pertaining to health and nutrition in a modern society, which has been marred by sedentary lifestyles, and increased health problems associated with nutrition.

Conclusively, technology has eased the availability of information related to health and nutritional issues because of accessibility and availability of information from online platforms or sources. Additionally, technology has also enabled alterations in agricultural approaches used to facilitate improvements in health and nutritional value of the society.


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