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Cause and Effect: US vs. Iraq Essay

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In 1774 our country was founded by men who thought that all people should be treated equal and fairly.Time has passed, and since then we have lost some of our morals and values but the main idea still remains. We fight for what is right even when we are the only one fighting; all to try and keep our land safe from terrorists and un-welcomed warfare. Yet there are some countries that are encountering such financial difficulties they turn to terrorist organizations for financial support. For their generosity, the organizations receive protective cover from other anti-terrorism countries and organizations.
Terrorism is not the only cause that might bring America and Iraq to war. Along with the terrorism comes the constant threat from weapons of mass destruction. Year after year, Iraq has yet to comply fully with the United Nations weapons inspectors. Even during the inspectors' visits in Iraq, they weren't granted full access to all facilities. So for about four or five years now, Iraq has had time to develop weaponry. Not only is there the atomic bomb, it's basically fact that Iraq is in possession of biological weapons. The use of biological viruses, such as smallpox would harm millions because people born after 1970 are not vaccinated for it. This virus and others have the capability of wiping out thousands of people at a time.
If terrorists, nuclear weapons and just the thought of war do not scare you how about the prices of Iraq's gas? They have raised the prices of our oil and because of that Americans everywhere are starting to see their gas prices rise. Who knows when the prices are going to go down? With Iraq holding back on trading oil, it is no wonder that there is tension building between our two nations, possibly soon at the brink of war.
These causes have affected each and every one of us in some way. Since the September 11th attack, our economy has seen its best and worst days on the trading flo…

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