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Cause And Effect Of Alcohol Paper

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Alcoholism is the continued excessive and usually uncontrollable use of alcoholic drinks. There are many symptoms, complications, treatments and ways of prevention for alcoholism. Certain groups of people may be at a greater risk than others for several reasons. There are numerous factors in how people may become addicted. More than thirteen million Americans abuse alcohol, and over 100,000 deaths are caused by alcohol. Symptoms of alcoholism include some, if not all of the following.

Drinking secretly or alone, and on a regular basis are early signs of alcoholism. Other symptoms include forgetting things that happened while intoxicated, irritability, an unorganized personal or professional life, and seclusion from things that used to occupy time and amuse one’s self. These symptoms are acquired over time and may be hard to spot. Binge drinking is when somebody consumes large amounts of alcohol. Consuming alcohol has both negative short and long term effects. Some of the short term effects include hangovers, social drinking, and binge drinking.

Most of the time, people consume alcohol in moderation. On occasions, people overindulge and take in too much alcohol and then get what is most commonly known as a hangover, or the sick flu like symptoms that many people experience the day after drinking. One cause of a hangover is dehydration. Alcohol is a drug that increases urination and flushes fluids from the body. Too much alcohol depletes the body of necessary substances required to stay healthy, including blood sugar, vitamins and minerals that keep a person alert.

Cause And Effect Of Drinking Alcohol Essay

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Alcoholism treatment is needed for many people in the country and around the world. There are many untreated people who ignore the warning signs and continue to drink. If you or someone you know is looking for methods to treating alcoholism, you have a lot to choose from. There are many ways to approach alcoholism treatment. Many doctors feel that the best method would be a rehabilitation program. Treating alcoholism is a long and very involved process, but if done correctly, treatment can be incredibly effective and successful.

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