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Cause and Effect Essay

Essay Topic:

There have been many conflicts throughout history that have caused many people to remember what it is like to take freedom for granted. The ascension of the world wars have taught a great deal to the people of the world just how precious life is. Although we have not learned from our mistakes throughout history, the rise of World War II can be categorized into three post emptive effects. This can be categorized by Germany losing its land, army, and valuable resources, the effects of genocide running rampant throughout Jewish community, and the rules of war are carefully mended.
Many changes occurred after the Allies tightened their grip on Germany. Germany soon realized after the war that their second attempt to take over the world had failed miserably. After war sanctions reduced Germany to four divided territories. The United States, Great Britain, Russia and France were to take control over Germany taking the four cardinal directions to ensure the destruction of Germany. The over throw of Hitler came down on the German race especially hard by creating animosity toward all the Allie powers. Germany was to stop all military actions, especially the production of military equipment. This became a big part of Germany's economic downfall. Their economy was based primarily on the production of war materials. This led to a great depression lasting for almost 20 years during Germany's recovery to worldwide acceptance. Despite all Germany's attempts to rebuild what the lost twice, it was never gained back to its original strength.
Many horrible actions took place in Europe during the early 1940's. Many of which occurred because of only racial and religious backgrounds. Although the mastermind behind all this genocide was not what he claimed to be the master race, over two million Jewish people lost there lives in vain. Thankfully I have had the privilege to speak to some of the victims of this h

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