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1. Caroline ‘Jones’ Chisholm 2. Caroline Chisholm was born in May 30th 1808 in the English Country of Northampton shire and was born as Caroline Jones. Caroline Chisholm died in long illness on the 25th March 1877 in London. 3. Caroline Chisholm was known as ‘the Immigrants friend’ People described her as a Christian humanist. Caroline was inspired by the quote in the bible “Love Thy Neighbour”.

She contributed to the church because she has followed one of many scriptures, “The alien who resides among you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God.

” – Leviticus 19:34 Caroline promoted Australia in 1946 as a suitable country for people who work hard and would like to begin a fresh new start. Caroline Chisholm worked for enhanced conditions on board ships for immigrants.

In five years she somehow managed to send many of thousands of well organized emigrants to Australia Caroline Chisholm has supported immigrants such as single women and families to travel and stay in Australia for thirty years.

She made lives for thousands of immigrants a lot easier in Australia. She provided shelter, clothes and taught the basic skills needed in a normal Life such as cooking and cleaning. Caroline Chisholm’s performance was moved by two very strong values – her devotion to the significance of family life and her deep love of God.

When Was Caroline Chisholm Born

Her religion was the mainspring of her life.

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One of the greatest influences in the History of Australia Caroline Chisholm started a College (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. Shown below). Caroline Chisholm Catholic CollegeCaroline Chisholm College VictoriaNSW 4. •Caroline Chisholm, known as the ‘Immigrants friend’ •She supported the immigrants, for a very long period •Taught the immigrants the basic skills •Did everything she could, to prevent discrimination for the immigrants •Improved the conditions for immigrants •Followed many bible scriptures A great influence to the people Portrait of Caroline Chisholm picture Fairland, Thomas, 1804-1852. London : Published by T. Fairland, September 1st, 1852. print : lithograph, hand col. ; 36. 2 x 43. 7 cm. Bibliography http://www. abc. net. au/schoolstv/australians/chisholm. htm http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Caroline_Chisholm http://www. adb. online. anu. edu. au/biogs/A010208b. htm http://www. whitehat. com. au/australia/People/Chisholm. asp http://www. carolinechisholmsociety. com. au/ http://www. jonesshop. com/jonesShop/fame/caroline_chisholm. tm http://www. carolinechisholm. org. au/portal/page/portal/CCEF%20Home/About%20Caroline%20Chisholm http://www. cclibrary. org. au/ http://www. rba. gov. au/Museum/Displays/_Images/1960_1988/caroline_chisholm_big. jpg http://www. news. com. au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,23779110-5001030,00. html http://www. trinity. wa. edu. au/plduffyrc/subjects/sose/austhist/chisholm. htm http://www. sydney. catholic. org. au/Archdiocese/History/Chisholm. shtml http://www. carolinechisholm. nsw. edu. au/about/our_college. html http://nla. gov. au/nla. pic-an9193363

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