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“Catching the Big Fish. Meditation, mindfulness and creativity” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Catching the Big Fish. Meditation, mindfulness and creativity”

I wanted to “read esteemed” before writing to compare their opinions in advance to those who are living in other people. But no. All announcements in some glamorous and not so publications. Bestseller alleged. Well .. with such advertising, which clearly calls it a bestseller, because it probably is.

And so. The book is not quite so upset, but I was expecting a completely different

Even the book itself, not just its content, initially seem strange:. A huge, I think about 14 font, probably a semi-indented. In addition masenkaya head rather cupola, necessarily separated from each groomsman reversal. Empty of course, that there is between 1 and 2 blank pages after each page or two. Such cases.

200-page superizdanie quite would fit on 50 pages seems to be.

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In addition there are almost no feeling that Lynch wanted to write this book. More like a recorded interview in haste. And the man is not so much interest in the work of Lynch and his personality, but in the future prospects for the spread of the book. In short book about anything. There are a couple of funny stories about the filming of certain scenes in the film, the rest of the rest .. no white noise.

In fact, in the book, Lynch often mentions that many of the scenes in his movies were filmed and shot often on the basis of all the absence of any finance, so .. I do not know, I probably nice that I invested in a future film masters, the book -. the only possible way for me to do that

in fact, I it presented, but I chose such a gift. Not currently, but Lynch. Cool.

PS By the way, I think it actually has nothing to do with this meditation. I even think that he was paid.

PPS Well, not all geniuses good and honest. There are simply psychopaths

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