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Although not entirely perfect, pottery dating over 7,000 years old was found with little to no weathering, and the designs still Intact. Due to the simple fact that Octal Yuk Is the only Neolithic site found on record, It Is difficult to Judge whether or not such architecture was typical of this period or not. Although Paleolithic and Neolithic tribes were thought to be primarily nomadic, it is not impossible (as demonstrated by Octal Yuk) for them to settle, especially with the development of domesticated animals.

Octal Yuk is an entirely geometric architectural creation. The inhabitants lived in single-story buildings clustered around shared courtyards, used as garbage Octal Yuk was designed without the implementation of roads or plazas of any kind; however, it was simply unnecessary. The buildings were designed in a way that residents of Octal Yuk could traverse rooftops to get to other homes.

Their protection relied on “continuous, unbroken exterior walls, which made it easy to One difficulty the people of Octal Yuk may have encountered was lighting the interiors of their homes.

Although fire was a means of illumination, the most effective daytime light source, the sun, would, more often than not, be unable to provide adequate lighting in the buildings. This is due, in part, to the limited construction of windows in the sides of homes. Furthermore, the windows that did exist could have been blocked by other buildings surrounding them.

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Apparently, the people of Octal Yuk lived fairly simple lives ‘ there was a significant absence of social class, so much that in the excavation of Octal Yuk nearly all the homes appeared to have the same features, and there were absolutely no exceptions.

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Men and women also ere thought to be fairly equal in terms of their roles In society and In the village. In many aspects the people of Octal Yuk were far more advanced than was typical of the Neolithic period.

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