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Castles Essay

Castles are very important in many ways having to do with how they affect the empire they are established in. They have an impact on the political, cultural, commercial, and economic aspects of the society.Without Castles empires would most likely be very weak for a number of different reasons, and you are about to find out what they are.
Castles are involved politically with their society.Initially were built to hold down conquered territory. They also were meant to intimidate people into obeying rules. They accommodated the lords who ruled over the empire. They were also impressive symbols of the power and wealth of their owners. The king ruled the castle as well as the empire the castle was situated. Often kings would have castles built in the middle of an existing society to expand their reign.
Cultural aspects were tied in with the castles. Most castles had churches inside them, for the most important thing in life to them was faith in god. There were particular rules for etiquette at the dinner table, because it was believed that manners were very important. Women of royalty were to be treated with respect whether it is by another royal member or by a regular citizen. They were held in high regards.
Economic and commercial were some of the things that kept the empires going. Castles were strategically placed in areas where they would be able to control commercial traffic. The city was laid out in grids, and this was meant to retain some sort of order and make things easier for everyone. Most people never moved very far away from the castle, it just wasn't something that happened. Castles mostly overlooked the empire.
Those are the important issues that castles were involved with, and, as previously stated, the empire would most likely be considerably weaker if castles were not there to govern and protect.

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