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Aquaculture Business Essay

The main problem in the Organization aspect was having too many personnel which cause overlapping in functions. If these problems still continues, the time will come where the project will not be able to meet its target income, production and market demand. The cited problems were really major ones. Without water supply system, the project will not be able to continue because It Is about fishes where the most and basic need of the fish Is water. Although there Is water, If It was full of Impurities due to delay In drainage of water, the project will still fall.

First of all, the health and needs of the fishes should be well-addressed to have a bountiful harvest in the future. The health of the fishes also signifies increase in the sales because consumers want products that are fresh, big and at the same time cheap. If they see that the fishes were relatively small, dry and ugly, the sales will surely go down even though it is cheap, The alternative formulation of the study is the improvement of the water supply yester and prevarication through Joint venture.

However, these two should be both achieved to ensure the success of the project. If one of these two were not achieved, for example, there was no private sector willing to have a Joint venture on the project, the financial problems will still be present and Improvement of water supply system will not be done. The mall purpose of the Joint venture Is to have a permanent source of money for the different activities to still exist. Meanwhile, if the problems in the water supply still exist, the target demand, production and income of the LAD ill not be met.

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The delay in the drainage of the water in the pond as well as the impurities accumulated by the water causes low performance of the fishes and even their growth were affected. So, to meet the objectives and goals of the case study, the INTACT and LAD must work hard to make their alternative formulations come true. The recommendation of the author is good but there still remain the question whether a private sector will be willing to have a Joint venture to a project that still has no “brand” unlike other businesses.

We all know that private sectors are “profit- oriented” people and as long as they do not see the profit that they want, even If the project has the potential to succeed In the future, they will not agree to a Joint venture. The recommendation of the alternately use of the six pumps will be truly helpful. In this way, if one gets broken during the process, there will be a spare one to De used. Water supply Is really very Important In ten success AT ten project.

I nee alternately use of the pumps also decrease the larger problems in financial especially f all of them gets broken down at the same time. The maintenance of each pump will also be done regularly. In an aquaculture project, the main important things to consider are the water supply system, feed production and water drainage system. Fishes are living organisms that also need clean and healthy environment to function well. So, before starting a business like aquaculture, make sure that the proper requirements will be met and always be ready for problems to arise, especially in financial problems.

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