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1-2 ) After analysing the construction of the Classic Watch Co. we have come to a decision. that the company is merchandise oriented. The laminitis of the company Harry Brainch used to develop his merchandise and so to happen consumers. Harmonizing to the instance. he is rather a conservative individual. who prefers antique concern techniques. Twenty old ages ago. clients were less choosey and they were happy to hold a merchandise that is good value for money. In that instance. Harry Brainch’s scheme fitted truly good.

However. times are altering and new market is much more complicated and terrible. The competition is tough and merchandise with simple design and good lastingness is non every bit attractive as it used to be in the yesteryear. Harmonizing to this. product-oriented attack is non likely to win. A celebrated illustration of product-oriented company is the original Ford Motor Company.

Watch Case Study

Henry Ford made one theoretical account in one colour ( black ) . no affair what the consumer might desire.

Although he followed this scheme for rather a long clip. eventually. Ford Motor Company had realized the demand of customization and now we have Ford autos in assorted colourss. The state of affairs is the same with Classic Watch Co. the faster Mr. Brainch realizes that his old techniques are no longer utile – the better gross revenues will better. Probably. he should seek to alter his methods to go more market oriented. For case. Apple has ever been a great illustration of market-oriented company. Apple has achieved universe celebrity by invariably supervising market and so seting its selling mix to response to the market needs.

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The Authoritative Watch Co should follow illustration of Apple and get down developing new selling scheme. To sum up. the old scheme is no longer successful because of following grounds: 1 ) same antique design

2 ) new demands and desires of consumers3 ) alteration in consumer’s income ( it became higher )4 ) the old scheme did non take into history wants of modern consumers 5 ) grounds for purchasing tickers have changed 3 ) In our sentiment. Harry need to split market into 3 sections. The first one – “Economical” . which include people. who are ready to pay the lowest monetary value for any good-working tickers. Even if they will be broken in the first twelvemonth. individual from this section merely replace them by new one. They are chiefly price-concerned. Brand and design of the tickers is non the chief point. The 2nd section – “Longevity and quality” .

This group in hunt for tickers with a good lastingness. quality and design. They ready to overpay for this characteristics. This group is the biggest 1. The 3rd section – “Symbolic” one. Watchs should be esteemed. elegant. chiefly maid from cherished metals and treasures. Peoples from this section purchasing non merely tickers. but alone qualities and emotional value. To be successful. The Authoritative Watch Company need to make tickers suited at least “Economic” and “Longevity and quality” sections.

4 ) Nowadays The Classic Watch Company is no longer wining company. but a policy of market cleavage could turnover state of affairs. Segmenting market can assist them increase gross revenues and market portion. protect trade name and supply a assortment of other benefits. By positioning themself with a specific benefit. they could make a alone merchandising proposition that sends a message to a mark audience looking for that benefit. If The Classic Watch Company cater to a specific audience. they could lose gross revenues among possible clients outside their mark audience but increase overall gross revenues by pulling more clients in your mark audience. With specific market sections to make. they can diminish distribution channels. aiming those mercantile establishments that have the highest sum of traffic from their coveted clients. By restricting your audience. they can take magazines. web sites. wireless and Television Stationss and events that their clients are more likely to hear. see. see or go to. As we see. there are plentifulness of benefits. which are necessary for modern company to last.

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