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Case Study – Camden Hills Football Program Essay

Case Study #1 deals with Camden Hills, and their Regional High school varsity football forfeiting the rest of the season due to insufficient amount of players who were lost to injury, and players walking away from it. Thus leaving the team with mostly freshman and sophomores who are most likely not ready to play at a varsity level. The decision came from principal Nick Ithomitis and athletic director Steve Alex in a meeting excluding head coach Thad Clinton a first year coach. Principal Ithomitis made the call stating “Unfortunately, dwindling numbers of players have created a serious safety issue,” principal Nick Ithomitis said in a written statement. “We are simply not willing to put any more students at risk.” Camden Hills hasn’t had much success with their program coming in 2009 just going 6-45 in those short years. To better their chances they attempted to move them down to Class C and Class D competing against teams with less than 500 enrollment and still haven’t gained much success. This case study ties into the 5 foundations of Sport management; Management, marketing, Finance, legal and ethics.

Overall, I agree with the decision of cancelling the football season especially if I’m the school athletic director or principal. Contact sports like football need more commitment and supervision from coaches with more than one year experience, experienced trainers, and players with more than 4 years’ experience. You can’t ask 14-15 year kids with minimal experience who weigh a little over 100 pounds to compete against top tier schools in this case “Buckport” the power house school in that area who have faster, more experienced and overall bigger football players. This is true from a management standpoint, one of the issues that needs to be addressed is the health concern especially concussions, which happens to be one of the reasons Camden Hills forfeited in the first place. Camden Hills had lost 4 players due to in…

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