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Case Solutions Paper

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The inferences made in IQ can result in several implications regarding herbal and Nan-herbal shampoos, As the respondents felt that protein is an important ingredient for shampoos should be included in it, Since the respondents also regard conditioners important for their hair, shampoo and conditioners can be given in combo packs to attract more customers Furthermore, since the survey revealed that hair oil is better than shampoos it would be beneficial if hair oil could be incorporated as an ingredient.

Brands should not put too much focus on ingredients such as Keratin and soy proteins as this does not have much effect on the minds of the consumers. These days there are many people Who like to artificially change their hair whether its coloring or getting their hair premed. Since consumers feel that the protein shampoos are not suitable for these kind Of hair, brands should focus on dispelling this false impression and make people know that hey are not harmful. Their ads could also focus on the fact that conditioners should be used by everyone and not just people who have dry and mangled hair.

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Q 3 Given the inferences from your responses to Q 1 and Q 2 what do you think motivates consumer to buy the brands of the shampoo in the study? Use exhibit 2. Using exhibit 2 (brand communication from the brands of shampoo), there are several inferences that can be made to understand what motivates consumer to buy a particular brand, The Emmer shampoo ad concentrated on the mother – gather relationship with the mother being a problem solver tort her child’s poor quality of hair, The ad also described how the shampoo is rich in ingredient with coconut milk and bad.

Consumers who prefer this brand are those who are more traditional in the sense that they still believe in the fact that ‘mother knows best. They are also convinced of the superiority of the shampoo based on its ingredients (coconut milk and bad) Vichy are known to be good for health. The Pentane shampoo depicted innovation. They had the ad opened by well known Plywood celebrity, Shills Sheets Who has hair -? fall problems. It boasts of Pantones pro – vitamin scientific formula which could reach the hair roots, increase strength and guarantee no hair fall.

Consumers are solely pulled in by the fact that the shampoo has a new and different ingredient that Other shampoos do not have. They have the opinion that just because the name of the ingredient is not familiar and sounds fancy it would yield the expected results. The ads for both Himalaya herbal protein shampoo and Himalaya Protein shampoo are quite similar. They both play on the emotions of the consumer. In one a woman is depicted as someone who’s attractive to the opposite sex and who invites anger and envy in other women because she has enviable hair.

They also depicted people to have low self esteem because they have badly maintained hair. In the second a woman is trying to get a lift but to no avail as she has very damp and oily hair. Taut once she uses Himalaya Protein shampoo she was being noticed. These ads target women who have the same kind of problems and who might want to be known to have good hair. Consumers who re motivated by this ad are those who strive to be recognized just as the two women in the ad. The Himalaya Herbal Protein shampoo ad also focus on the fact that it is safe and 100 percent herbal, The ad also plays on the traditional appeal the product has.

In India people are already in awe of products which have natural ingredients so this adds as an extra motivating factor for customers to buy the brand.. Q 4 Prom the view point Of brand building what kind Of inputs can be Obtained from exhibit 3 that substantiate those from exhibit 1? From exhibit 3 we can infer hat the Herbal shampoos both Emmer and Himalaya are well known in their category and consumers have top of mind recall for these two brands in this category.

They are also regarded to be CEO friendly and as brands that care for society as compared to non – herbal shampoos. Emmer and Himalaya shampoos are also thought of shampoos which have value for money meaning consumers get what they paid for. These shampoos because of their herbal nature are known to be traditional and thought of as an Indian legacy. Due to the fact that they are known to be socially conscious consumers regard their practices as ethical in nature.

The fact that these shampoos are safe, healthy and hygienic is reinstated by the fact that these shampoos get top of mind recall in this category, The herbal shampoos are also brands that are high on trustworthiness and are recommended by doctors and specialists, Q 5 What recommendations would you provide to differentiate the image of the Himalaya herbal brand, taking in to consideration your responses to IQ to SQ. Himalaya has positioned itself as a brand that provides strong line up of products based on arrived concepts. The brand by profile is targeted or consumers in high and mid-market range.

This product line up has global presence. In past the branding of the line up Vass different in different geographies. Post 2001 , management decided to put all the products under a single umbrella brand called “Himalaya”. It was reported in the case that the market consumption volumes (as per CARR) has reported an increase of 12. 3% between 2006 and 2010, I S billion units in 2010. It was also reported in that by 2015 the number of units will increase to 3 billion. It was also stated in the case that the penetration for Shampoo is already 100% in urban India.

The penetration rose to 18% in rural areas. This implies that there is a scope of growth in rural areas. The above 2 statements simulates the impression that the rapid arbitration and increasing purchase power in the rural areas will fuel the growth. This market is still untapped and gives brand a segment to target. The high-income group of rural areas mostly relate to the mid-segment market in urban areas. Himalaya Herbal brand as a part of strategy should target the high. Income group of rural areas. Posing itself as a top brand, Himalaya Herbal should increase the distribution reach in rural areas.

It should also market itself as a top end product for urban customers in the rural areas. Himalaya Herbal shampoo should change its advertisement. The advertisement should be attractive to young age groups as they are more susceptible to try new brands. It should ensure that even it there is no celebrity endorsement the innovation part should be delivered for the young age groups. It should communicate the brand’s unique factor i. E. Its herbal and protein ingredient and make customers believe that it is better than other shampoos which have chemical ingredients,

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