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Carrie Review Paper

The Importance of Respect Carrie is a supernatural thriller film based on the novel “Carrie” written by Stephen King. The theme of this film is about respect. The main character in this film is Carrie White. She is a shy and quiet girl who does not have many friends. She has telekinesis which enables her to move things by using her mind. Carrie lived with her mother, Margaret White, who was a Christian fanatic that like to abuse her. The other main character is Chris Hargensen, the popular girl who always bullies and abuses

Carrie. She hates Carrie for making her banned from the prom. Then there is Sue Snell, Chris’ ex-friend who takes a pity on Carrie. She helps Carrie to enjoy her prom night by asking her boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom. And there are Tommy Ross, which is Carrie’s prom date, and Miss Collins, a caring gym teacher that is always there for Carrie. I believe that the main message behind the film is that we have to respect each other because nobodys perfect.

The quote “What you sow is what you reap” is robably the best thing that can explain the main message of the film. For all the things that Chris has done to Carrie, Chris finally got her own punishment. Another message that Stephen King is trying to say is related with religion. Stephen King shows his message through Margaret White. Margaret White is a Christian fanatic who abuses Carrie because she believed that Carrie didn’t walk in the “right track”. So she tried to guide Carrie to the “right track” according to what she thinks is right.

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In the last scene of the film, the burning house indicates hell. Stephen King wants the audience know that religion can’t save you. Even if you are a religious fanatic, your relationship with God is the most important thing. I personally didn’t like the film because it’s so frightening and shocking especially the last part of the film. And moreover, I don’t like thriller film. However, the film taught me a good moral lesson. Basically, you get what you give. So Just give some respect to other people and you will get respect from others.

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