This essay sample essay on Carnival De Rio De Janeiro offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.

The report also suggests some other examples of Rids success and failure in creating a better city and improving the festival. Introduction There is no doubt carnival De ROI De Jeanine is one of the biggest events in the world. It’s a 4-day celebration taking place in the streets of ROI 4 weeks before Easter.

More than 2 million people come on the street every day during the carnival. As a hallmark event ROI carnival has to be carefully planned and take considerations of the biggest trends of 21st century, such as environment changes, non-stop technological growth and legal issues.

Event Outline The history of Iris’s carnival goes way back to 1 ass’s then the carnival was first brought to the city by the Portuguese. But soon enough, the festival became an expression of Brazilian culture.

The people would parade, “aristocrats would dress up as commoners, men would cross-dress as women and the poor dress up as princes and princesses – social roles and class differences were expected to be forgotten once a year but only for the duration of the festival” ( ROI-Carnival, 2012). Brazilian used to riot until the government accepted it.

The black slaves would get freedom for 3 days and till now, the cost involved people are the ones from the so-called slums. During the years the festival grew into a hallmark event, adding up more and more to the programmer and attracting groups of people from all over the world.

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Now the main attractions are the competition of approximately 200 samba schools and a massive street party in the streets all over ROI. Technological Trends and Issues: Event Sustainability Technology can be used as a primary tool in creating a bigger and better show as well as ensuring sustainability of the event.

Carnival Rio De Janeiro

Transport is one of the technological issues which needs improvements in ROI De Jeanine. The transport system is chaotic, although efficient metro has been built but has still to be extended to the most rapidly growing areas. Rising unemployment and other factors made Brazilian look for alternatives such as informal transit services like vans. ‘The bus fleet in the metropolitan area contains around 1 1 ,OHO vehicles, carrying close to 10 million bus trips per day. There are over 25 bus companies in the system, but the top three firms carry about 40% of the total bus trips.

While service is satisfactory, according to several studies, bus fares are higher by about 80% than they should be according to he rules of the concessions and the actual costs experienced by the bus firms” (Soluble et al. , 2009). The data shows the poor transport links in ROI De Jeanine. Not only the public services are expensive, they are also overcrowded and there are massive lines of people who want to use it. In 2016 ROI De Jeanine will host the Olympic Games, a lot work and changes will be done before the big event. No doubt it will have a massive impact on the carnival as well.

A lot of infrastructure improvements are planned. For example as Ri02016 promise plan states “The long-planned project to regenerate the strict port area has been accelerated by the bid, providing improved amenities and facilities for cruise ships and a new focus for tourism. The site, featuring historic buildings and piers, will become a new and vibrant attraction in central ROI. There will be major restoration and significant improvements to housing, transport and public amenity, all of which will activate and reconnect the rejuvenated Port to the city centre”.

A lot main parts of city will be transformed; this was only one of the examples. A better city links and other improvements are promised in the report. If ROI was hoses to host an event Of such a worldwide importance that means it must have the ability and international support to transform the city. Information technology has had a big effect on events. “A further trend is the growth of Internet, which is used for research, marketing, communication and reporting’ (Allen et. Al. , 2005).

Iris’s carnival is successfully using Internet as a marketing tool and another income. Since 2001 carnival De ROI De Jeanine has been broadcasted live. Even in 2001 Iris’s website “using state-of-the- art live streaming technology that allows real-time audience measurement with detailed geographic profiles” which gave a lot of data for future improvements (Prizewinners,2001 ). Since 201 0 its been introducing the new technologies – broadcasts were available in HAD AD. The broadcast of the event reaches 115 countries in 5 continents.

In the Sombrero, where samba schools’ parade take place, members of the public have a special presence. “In addition, internists can assign grades to the schools on display on the avenue. By phone, the public can send questions and messages with comments on the parades. The messages selected are shown during the broadcast” (Prizewinners, 2012). This shows that the carnival is looking for ways to be interactive and stay relevant. Legal Trends and Issues: Event Sustainability Legal trends and Issues are extremely important considering the sustainability of carnival of ROI De Jeanine.

ROI De Jeanine is in the top 10 of the most dangerous cities in the world. “About of the population lives in economic turmoil, and this struggle has given way to an on-going conflict between drug traffickers and the local police force” (Urbanite, 2012). In order to create a safer and more sustainable event, ROI needs to find ways to improve the city as a whole, minimizing poverty and creating more jobs. Legal issues in Brazil and ROI are strongly combined with the economics of the country. A lot of crimes take place during the carnival.

In 2006 thieves used carnival as a cover and stole the most valuable paintings from Iris’s museum. Those were Picasso, Monet, Dali paintings valued at 50 million USED dollars which just disappeared in the carnival celebration (China Daily, 2006). In order to create a more sustainable city, especially for international tourists, ROI started regeneration of Mama area in the port of ROI. The scheme would rate 10,000 jobs. This regeneration is done not only for the carnival, but also for Olympics in 2016.

With all the improvements for the Olympics and the carnival, the government expects a bigger international attention. As well as, the government is investing 300 million dollars to the velars of the city providing them with water and electricity. Velars are the suburbs where the poorest citizens were forced to live. In velars, violence and drugs are unstoppable and the battle between drug dealers and the police is a serious issue. “Velars are still home to the majority of urban violence, and even in gasified areas drug trafficking is still rampant.

New plans to clear some velars and rebuild others in a gentrification initiative would affect over 260,000 households and relocate about 13,000 families” (Bean, 2011). The main income in velars is related to drugs. “Illegal drug trafficking is integrated into both the formal and informal sectors of the economy, because it employs few people full-time and allows many more to earn money informally as street vendors”(Azalea, 2000). So it’s fair to state that velars, drugs, lack of security are not allowing the city’s legal issues to be solved.

Poverty and violence is slowing down greatly the city’s improvements. Although, the security was improved in some of the parts of the city it is still not enough for a long term sustainability of the city as a tourist attraction, but it seems to have undeniable meaning for the Brazilian. “But the ability of the city’s government to deal with these issues is constrained, for several reasons. In 1 975, ROI De Jeanine lost the broader state powers that it had originally enjoyed as Brazier’s capital city and found itself reduced to municipal status within the broader state of ROI De Jeanine.

In several areas this means it as limited control over the services it can offer and the speed at which it can offer them. Two integral organizations that are controlled by the state – the police force and the water company – are widely regarded as inefficient and corrupt. ” ( Lapper, 2003). Another Way ROI is trying to improve the city is by installing surveillance cameras in the city and neighborhoods, minimizing the crime rates by 50% in the areas it was firstly introduced and creating an easy accessible system for security companies and the police (Sonnet, 2008).

The security during and before the festival needs to be greatly improved, a DOD example of the chaos in the system is the police officers’ and fire- fighters’ strike days before the carnival. It shows the lack of security in the city, although the officers ended the strike saying “we don’t want to harm our ROI, especially during carnival” and showing how important it is to the city and their culture (Tribune Business News, 2012). Environmental Trends and Issues: Event Sustainability Environmental issues are challenging most of events in the world.

Impacts of the events are greatly reviewed and with time most of the events are expected to have a so called green strategy. One of the aspects of a greener event is waste management. According to Glottal(2012) there are certain ways to deal with waste such as ” reuse, recycling, composting, or landfill deposit”. Carnival De ROI is currently concentrated in recycling. In 2011 Garbage Company collected a total of 849 tons of trash during the festival. Company called COLOMBO which is responsible for the cleaning up process after the festival recycles the trash it collects, but Brazier’s waste pickers collected the aluminum cans all over city.

Brazil is a world leader in aluminum cans recycling. “Waste picking has become an officially recognized occupation and has helped boost the economy as well as generating employment and income for thousands of Brazilian” (The ROI Times, 2011 As a future plan, a broader recycling system should be integrated, in order to create a greener event and provide more people with jobs. Another environmental problem that occurred during the festival was public urinating and the government of ROI is searching for ways to deal with it. During 2010 and 2011 the number of people arrested for urinating in public doubled.

In 201 0 Iris’s mayor implemented a policy for dirtying public property but it didn’t have the effect it was expected. Although, in 201 2 they doubled the numbers of chemical toilets in the city from 4200 to 8000 and installed cameras the problem didn’t go away (Paragon security, 2012). Another concern, as mentioned before, is the slums of ROI- velars. In order to prepare ROI for the carnival, and now for the Olympics, the city needs to improve velars not only by minimizing the crime and providing education, but also creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere for the locals.

Worth Communication ad Corona is the name of the environmental programmer that maintains gardens in velars all over ROI. In the specially prepared areas people can produce or buy things like vegetables. ‘This project teaches residents to produce their own food in a sustainable and organic way and to educate people about healthy living and preservation of green areas. This project also uses recycled objects such as plastic drinks bottles to create and cultivate the garden” (Volunteered, 2012). Conclusion and Recommendations In fast changing environment that we live in, mega events like carnival in ROI De Jeanine need to think of the future.

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