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Car Racing Report Paper

Cars are a relatively new invention. TheyVe been around for a little over 100 years. Carl Benz is credited as the inventor of the modern automobile. He was granted a patent in 1886 for the Benz Patent-Motorwagon. In America, Henry Ford popularized the modern automobile by making cars affordable to the middle class. In 1908, he created and manufactured the Model T. Mr. Ford was an American Industrialist, who also created the assembly line concept which is still in use to this day. Assembly lines are not only used in the automobile industry, but in other industries as well.

Ford’s invention of the assembly line and the Model- T impacted the world forever. The main parts of a car consist of the engine, transmission, steering wheel, and the wheels. Without those objects there would be no cars today. Cars can range from many different prices. The cheapest being a “Tata Nano” which is $3,000 and less. The most expensive car is the Maybach Exelero Supersport. It can cost as much as $8 million dollars. Technology is now moving at a faster rate ever seen in the history of the country; everything is being improved from cell phones to cars.

Some of the new hings that are being added to cars today are automatic braking, and a 360 degree view of a vehicle at all times to prevent collisions, or other traumatic events. Purpose The purpose of this project is to get a better understanding of cars and the ingenuity that goes into making them efficient and agile. The purpose was also to show that building a car is a difficult process. Materials switch $5. 00 Motor $5. 00 $2. 00 Wire 1. 5 volt batteries $1. 00 Electrical tape $. 75 Bottle caps $0. 00 (From recycled water bottles) Base of car $0. 00 (From recycled container) Axis for wheels $0. 0 (Used skewers I had at home) Data Mass of car = 3. 76 kg Distance travelled = 5 m Time to travel 10 meters – Speed = 1. 05 m/s Learning Outcomes 4. 77s If I could do this project again I would take my time and measure and cut everytnlng proportlonally I . Olscoverea tnat tne sllgntest varlatlon In symmetry 0T tne objects used can throw everything off and cause the car to turn to the left and right. I also would have chosen a better base and constructed it more dynamically so that my speed could be increased. The last thing I would have done differently is pick better materials for my wheels and be more creative with it.

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I worked alone, nobody lse contributed to my project in my class period. Works Cited American Live Wire. “Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2013. ” 30 November < http://americanlivewire. com/top-lO-most-expensive-cars-in-the- 2013 world-2013> Bio. True Story. “Henry Ford. ” 30 November 2013 < http://www. biography. com/people/henry-ford-9298747> You Tube. “How to Make an Electric Toy Car- Part 1 ” . 21 October 2013 You Tube. “How to Make an Electric Toy Car- Part 2 ” . 22 october 2013 www. youtube. com/watch7FAB582iOMr_w> You Tube. “How to Make an Electric Toy Car- Part 3 ” www. youtube. com/watch? FOxbaU019SCU> < http://

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