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Cannabis Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Addiction

Cannabis static-a plant species, HEMP, marijuana and hashish are obtained from TECH – Active Psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and cannabis products 80 Compounds or chemicals are in WEED Where does best weed/resin come from? Dry arid climates, such as N. Africa Hashish- Drug containing the resin of cannabis flowers TECH is about 8-14% FAT SOLVABLE Amandine- Naturally occurring chemical in the brain that fits into tech sensitive receptor sites, producing the same effects as marijuana.

Motivational syndrome- Tate of listlessness and personality change involving a generalized apathy and indifference to long range plans. Drugs on market – medical marijuana- traditional and enabling Depressants and inhalants Barbiturate- drug within a family of depressants derived from barbaric acid and used as a sedative-hypnotic and antiseptic medication, sleep drug. Example – amiability 1st barbiturate- barbaric acid- discovered by Alfred bare Lethal does and effective dose are very close Brain stem – medulla- respiratory depression

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Mentality Milton mentality drug person on drugs, wakes up takes more without realizing they’ve already taken drugs, and It kills them Painlessness’s – Mentality drugs. 1960-1961 example- Valid 1st epinephrine – Labium Neurotransmitter it effects – GAB GHB- powerful depressant, abused to induce euphoria and sedation. Used as a date rape drug Nitrous oxide and ether – Laughing gas/analgesics, Ether- nerve tonic for toothaches and other pains Most dangerous compound inhalants – acetone – benzene

Hallucinogens Illustriousness – Accurate way of what kind of a trip having on a hallucinating Hallucinogens – Chemically similar to serotonin – LSI Belladonna – what witches rubbed on them ERGOT’S – SST Anthony fire – Fungus – moldy rye / lysergic acid people had to bake with infected grain Infected rye was associated with devil possession and witches Intermingling of senses – kinesthesia LSI doesn’t produce dependency it controls the user, the body has a fast ability to build a tolerance, and not taken for a fast high. Cannabis By wonderment

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