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Cannabis and Professional Sports Essay

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Marijuana should be legal in all of the sports as a form of recovery and also a leisure activity during the offseason. The wear and tear on athletes get more prominent every year. Some are so obsessed with working out they forget to relax and once they hurt something they are usually prescribed pain pills.The negative effects the pain pills have can be detrimental. Marijuana relaxes you and solves many pains and also helps with getting a full night of sleep. The stigma connected to marijuana is outdated and needs to be overlooked to see the beneficial outcomes cannabis can have on the world’s greatest athletes.

The usual treatments for painful injuries that keep out an athlete for an extended period are usually prescribed pain pills which can cause addiction and have side effects such as depression, anxiety, and can lead to addictions. Taking something made up in a lab with chemicals seems more harmful than something that comes from nature and is barely tampered with in growing. Using cannabis allows the injured party to recover in a more relaxed way and with longer-lasting pain relief.The use of pain pills is used in short hours and having to rely on them when you try to become more active again and creating a need for them that harms the athlete in his mind and body. There is no addiction linked to marijuana or deaths from overdose.

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Marijuana use in recovery can be helpful during the regular season and offseason. The offseason has become a competition between athletes to show who is putting in more work to show how much better they will be then there previous season and how they can make themselves the most in the shape they can be. Recovery can be hard especially with all the aches and soreness of the hefty load between doing weights, and other forms of keeping up your conditioning and then also your skills becoming greater can take a real toll on the body. A great form of recovery is Marijuana. It helps with a deep sleep which is…

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