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Canadian Peacekeeping Essay

Canadian Peacekeeping is a complicated issue.It involves many able bodies and difficult procedures to ensure people's safety.Peacekeeping plays an enormous role in Canada.Peacekeeping started in Canada, back in 1957, when a Canadian diplomat, Lester B. Pearson, was serving as the Secretary –General of the United Nations.Anglo- French forces attacked Egypt in order to secure the Suez Canal.At the same time, Israel invaded the Sinai Peninsula up the coastline of the Canal.Pearson believed that something should be done to ensure a stable truce.He proposed the idea of an armed peacekeeping force, to diminish the situation.The United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) approved the idea, and they created a neutral or a "buffer" zone.Within six days the conflict was resolved.Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his innovation of peacekeeping.He became a Prime Minister of Canada in 1958.
Canada has still maintained a contingent with the United Nations throughout its entire existence, and has participated in most armed and unarmed missions.The United Nations is made up of one hundred and fifty nine nations that work for world peace. It was established October 24, 1945 after World War Two.The two most important goals the United Nation's strive for are: Peace and Human dignity.The United Nations comes into play when a country/ or countries can not maintain a conflict within themselves therefore they need help settling disputes.They also help people in parts of the world gain freedom and a better way of life.
The United Nations includes four basic purposes and five principles.The fourpurposes are:1. To preserve world peace.
2. To encourage nations to be just or fair in conflicts.
3. To cooperate in trying to solve difference between them.
4. To serve as an agency through which nations can work toward goals.
The five principals are:1. Equal righ…

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