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Canada’s Soldiers Essay

Despite Canada’s obvious disadvantage given it’s sizen as well as the youth and inexperience of it’s soldiers, Canada was automatically entered into global conflict along side the British in 1914. The given circumstances lead to over 60,000 deaths through out the course world war one.
Young Canadians were romanticized by the glorious and adventurous image of war painted by the British and Canadian Governments through war propaghanda.
British Soldiers were considered more importnant the the War effort than the lives of Canadians and as a result of this young inexperienced Canadians speared headed most major British operations and were sacrificed to protect British soldiers reserved for later in the battles.
After the great war had dragged on for more than two years, Britain looked to her Empire for troops for the battlefield. Most countries like Canada had sent volunteers, however the demand for soldiers far outstripped the voluntary totals. The Canadian parliament debated adopting conscription, and the pro-Empire sentiment in English Canada was strong and in support of conscription. However there was a strong movement in Quebec against conscription given the Contribution Quebec had all ready given to WW1.

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